Re: Alliance Metals

Alliance has in fact committed to a number of concessions. Some of these will make the facility safer than it first was. It does not, however, alter the fact that there will still be pollution, there is a risk of flooding in this location, there will be a considerable amount of traffic generated, the facility will still produce hazardous salt cake as a by-product, the Planning & Zoning Commission voted unanimously voted to NOT approve the project, the McMullen Valley is not identified as an appropriate location for heavy industry in the county's comprehensive plan, there is still overwhelming opposition in the community and in the end it is still a heavy industrial facility.

For updated and additional information visit www.NoSmelterHere.com We must remember that the county is relying on promises made by a company with one employee, no past experience of owning or operating a smelter by the company, they have no checking account in their own name, and plan of making a $20 to $30 million investment in a smelter and they do not have a written business plan.

Gary Saiter

Wenden, Ariz.


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