So House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., has officially opened an impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump. There are questions about whether he asked the President of Ukraine to investigate one of the President’s political rivals. This could be interpreted as an abuse of power.

Given how much the Democrats hate President Trump and have been looking for things to use against him, The American people could be forgiven for rolling their eyes and asking, “What now?”

It’s hard to tell if the Democrats are serious about impeachment. That’s because they’ve been yelling and screaming about it for so long. You may recall that when Rashida Tlaib was sworn in as a Member of the House of Representatives from Michigan, almost the first thing she said was. “We’re going to impeach the Mother F---er!”

(Come to think of it, she’s not the only Democrat to publicly use what Ralphie Parker called “The Queen Mother of all Dirty Words.” If I used that word, my parents would’ve given me a good paddling and washed out my mouth with soap. I think some Democrats may need that. In other words, they need to grow up and stop using dirty words.)

The Democrats have become so blinded by their hatred of President Trump, it’s hard to know if they have anything on him or if they’re just spewing out hot air. Despite what they might want to think, if you want to impeach a President or an elected official, you need to have evidence that he or she has committed a crime. You can’t impeach someone because that person is a jerk, or incompetent, or you just don’t like him or her.

I’d be curious to see what evidence they have in this case. If they find evidence the President has committed a crime, then, by all means, impeach him. If not, then they should let it go. That’s the American way.

I will state I wouldn’t be surprised if they find something. The man was not known for being completely honest before he became President, and I can’t see that he’s changed since then. If they find something, it will likely be minor and “iffy” as whether it was illegal. That pretty much describes a lot of things Donald Trump did as a businessman.

Of course, there are some people who are so loyal to the President and so skeptical of any evidence against him that they’ll believe any impeachment attempt is a witch hunt. Given how much the Democrats hate the President, and how that has guided their policies, that’s an easy conclusion to reach.

The next few months on this impeachment inquiry will be interesting. They’ll likely also be nauseating. That’s American politics these days.


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