I was at the mixer of the Parker Regional Chamber of Commerce & Tourism last week at Bradley Chevrolet. I asked my “Question of the Week,” which was what businesses did they want to see open up in Parker. Not everyone was willing to go on camera, but I got a lot of people who said they’d like to see In ‘N Out Burger open in Parker.

I know In ‘N Out is popular, and I like to eat there when I’m in Lake Havasu City. I had no idea they were this popular in Parker. I know some empty places in Parker there they could put one of their places, if they ever felt inclined to do so.

I must commend the Parker Town Council for recognizing those businesses that have been in Parker for some years now. It’s nice to see these businesses get recognized for their commitment to the community and the services they have provided.

A business is more than just a building and sales. It represents an investment of time, money and talents. Starting a business takes planning and hard work. It shows someone has a commitment to bring a service to the community. Starting a business is a true sign of optimism, and most new businesses fail in a few years. However, those that succeed and prosper enrich not just their owners, but the communities they serve.

When I was at the grand re-opening of Family Dollar on March 23, I could see their commitment to the Parker community. They are clearly here for the long haul. They must like La Paz County, as they now how have four stores in the county.

I also feel a sense of gratitude to Rose Acre Farms and their huge investment in our county. Hopefully, they’ll be providing jobs and enriching our county for many years to come.

It’s time we showed local businesses how much we appreciate them. They do so much for our community and make life better for everyone.

As for what businesses I would like to see open in Parker, yes, In ‘N Out Burger is near the top of my list. What I would really like to see is a model train store. Yeah, I know that’s about as likely a peanut farmer or an actor getting elected President of the United States.

Come to think of it, a peanut farmer was elected President, and so was an actor. I guess you never know.


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