Peaches & Pits

Peaches to the Proclamations of Patriotism Week. We hope everyone remembers the horrific events of Sept. 11, 2001, and understands the spirit of that day, which is now called Patriots Day.

Peaches to CRIT Tribal Council Member Anisa Patch for her social media posts keeping everyone informed as to what was happening regarding the storm on Sept. 1 and the power outages. This almost certainly helped a lot of people. This is the kind of openness we’d like to see more often from the Tribes.

Peaches to all the electrical line crews who worked on a holiday to get power restored to those who lost it in the Parker area and Bouse. Whether you worked for BIA or APS, your efforts are appreciated. You all deserve a round of applause and a pat on the back.

Peaches to the residents of Salome and Wenden who made themselves heard at the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality hearing Sept. 5 for comments regarding a proposed aluminum smelter in their community. For the most part, the comments were delivered in a straight-forward and civil manner. They stayed away from conspiracy theories and accusations and stuck to the facts. That’s the sort of thing that’s needed on matters like these.


More Peaches to the residents of Salome and Wenden for showing everyone how much they care about their communities. It was a big crowd at the Centennial Community Center for the ADEQ hearing. More than one person noted that, if the winter visitors had been back, the center couldn’t have held everyone who wanted to attend.

Peaches to the long-time Town of Parker employees who were recognized at the Sept. 3 Town Council meeting:  Lydia Lara, William Lucas, Brian McAfee and Joseph Venegas. Your service to our Town and its residents is greatly appreciated.

Pits to the announcer at the King of the Cage MMA event Sept. 7 at the BlueWater. The first two times he announced “the fight will be decided in three rounds . . . or less,” in an ominous tone, it was great. After that, however, it sounded like a gimmick or shtick. I know it’s all a part of the show for the audience, but it’s true that you can have too much of a good thing.

Peaches to the announcer at the King of the Cage MMA event Sept. 7 at the BlueWater. I haven’t seen someone wear spats on their shoes in years. I loved it!

We want to know: who do you think deserves a peach? How about a pit? Send your ideas to the Parker Pioneer, P.O. Box 3365, Parker, AZ 85344. You can also send them to We won’t print your name if you ask us not to, but we do need your name on any submissions.


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The Anisa Patch statement was nothing great as you suggest, it was all just common sense and no real danger to anyone. If your talking about more Transparency, let them reveal the Tribes finances to the public. It's all Federal taxpayers money they are spending. All the Federal Tax payers have a right to know what there tax payers dollars is being spent on.

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