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Environmental Waste Solutions (EWS) is a fully licensed and permitted industrial waste recycling and transfer facility located in Parker South in Parker, Ariz. It is our mission to help businesses manage their industrial waste with various methods such as “Recycle and Reuse,” to reduce the amount of waste that ends up in our local landfills.

Arizona landfills are currently taking hundreds of thousands of gallons of wastewater daily. At EWS, our proprietary wastewater treatment process will turn contaminated industrial wastewater into a clean, reclaimed water that will pass the reuse water quality standards for Arizona and be able to go back into our resources.

EWS is pleased and excited to have already had the opportunity of hiring 10 employees from the community of Parker and we look forward to making up to 20 more positions available over the next 12 months.

Our workforce provides jobs in data entry, accounting, CDL drivers, emergency responders, laborer positions, highly skilled lab technicians and management positions. As the facility grows, the employment opportunities will also increase in order to meet the demands on our facility.

Employee safety is vital aspect. Therefore, EWS will provide mandatory training and certification which exceeds state required standards. We feel this is necessary for a proficient and safe workplace. Applications are available at our website, www.EWS4ENV.com.

EWS had its official groundbreaking ceremony on April 13, 2018. Once construction was to begin, we hit some obstacles. It was at this time the Town of Parker updated their Community Development Department, headed by Nora Yackley. Working together with EWS to expedite all the permitting and regulations, Mrs. Yackley had our project back on track and moving forward.

At this time, EWS would like to thank the Town of Parker, the Town Council, Ms. Lori Wedemeyer, Mrs. Yackley, and local contractors Mike Zynda Construction, Steve Stanton Construction, Mike’s Contracting, Inc.; Zimmerman Electric, Nelson Grading, Arizona Public Service, CRIT Sand & Gravel, and all those that helped to make our vision a reality.

We sincerely appreciate being accepted into the Town of Parker. We measure our success through being a good company, a good employer and a good neighbor.

EWS believes that the environment should be protected and enjoyed for future generations to come. We are excited to be able to call Parker South our new home, and hope that the community is just as excited as we are about what the future holds.


Michael J. Kelly

President/CEO EWS


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