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The following was published on the Facebook page of the Manataba Messenger:

The Colorado River Indian Tribal Council Extends Gratitude for Continued Support & Patience.

On behalf of the Colorado River Indian Tribal Council, and myself, we wish to extend our sincere appreciation for your support, perhaps at no time more meaningful than in these recent months following the pandemic that has now changed our world forever.

By acting quickly and having the necessary information and statistics in place, the Colorado River Indian Tribes was able to provide a stabilizing role by responding, submitting, and receiving its fair share of the federal relief known as the CARES Act. The tribes met and reacted timely to the deadlines the U.S. Treasury established to submit the certifications required for the security and benefit of their tribal members.

As we continue to navigate the impacts of this COVID 19 Outbreak, this administration is mindful of its priorities and obligations to the children and elderly of our tribe. Under the use guidelines of the funding, the tribe took and continues to take actions in the form of food distribution, COVID testing, utility and rent assistance, COVID education, and information to name a few. However, almost every aspect of the future is right now uncertain. Tribal members will continue to see even more examples of our commitment to protect our membership. We will be providing crucial support and future infrastructure initiatives unprecedented in the history of the Colorado River Indian Tribes.

In July, the tribal council believing in inclusive education released specific funding for our tribal member youth. The results that you see now in the new laptop and power pack distributions, which will include future distributions, are our response. We are addressing connectivity issues by providing devices to mitigate the impacts of learning loss and using these funds to support out-of-school-time learning as a priority.

We want to thank the people responsible for distributing these funding allocations, CRIT Education, CRIT JOM, CRIT DHSS, and the many other people working to disperse, goods and services, personal protective equipment, and education and information to our membership on our behalf.

We must continue to practice the Coronavirus prevention guidelines with discipline so that we can keep moving towards our new normalcy and prevent any more loss of our most precious resource, our people.

Please do your part in completing the U.S. Census, as a member of the Colorado River Indian Tribes to ensure our established identity as Indigenous Americans and our rights to funding for our people.

Lastly, let our Native Voice speak volumes in National elections coming on Nov. 3. Our lives to come is in our hands now. On behalf of myself and the executive leadership, we will continue to work diligently and conscientiously for your health, safety, and wellness.


Chairman Dennis Patch and the CRIT Tribal Council


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