Peaches & Pits

Peaches to the little boy who smiled at everyone he saw in the grocery store the other day. I didn't catch your name, but as I watched you smile and wave at all the strangers, I watched their reactions. 90 percent walked away much better for knowing you. So thank you, young man. Your parents are blessed for having you in their lives and we are all blessed for having you pass through ours.

M. Clause

Peaches to Parker’s latest Eagle Scout, Zane Philpot. This is the highest rank in Scouting, and he did a lot of work to reach this rank. He had to perform a community service project, which in this case was installing a new flag pole and plaque at Joe Bush Stadium. He’s an inspiration for all of us to try to make our community a better place to live.

Peaches to Parker’s other two Eagle Scouts in recent years:  Thomas Szczepaniak and Hunter DeLeon. These three young men have done a lot for our community. Szczepaniak’s public service project was the installation of new shade structures at the La Paz County/Town of Parker Animal Shelter. DeLeon’s project was cleaning and cataloging the graves at the Parker Cemetery.

Peaches to Scouting in Parker. Very few Scouts ever reach the rank of Eagle Scout, but Parker has seen three of them since 2016. From what the Pioneer has heard, there are others who are close to attaining this rank. Our Scouts must be doing something right.

Pits to the heat. Someone needed to say that!

Pits to the Arizona Diamondbacks for trading Zack Greinke. Just when it looked like he was turning into the pitcher we thought we were getting when the D-Backs signed him to that mega-bucks contract some years ago, they trade him to the Houston Astros for some prospects. If the D-Backs needed money so bad to keep him, they should’ve held car washes or a bake sale. How about a frybread sale? That usually goes over very well here.


Pits to the politicians who use horrible events like the mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton for grandstanding, posturing and making political points instead of actually doing something about them that will work.

Pits to our political parties, the Republicans and Democrats. If what I’ve seen is the best they can do, then we need new parties!

Peaches to the D-Backs for offering a frybread taco at their “Taste of Chase” stand at Chase Field. It looks like they finally took my advice and decided to add frybread to the menu. In my opinion, nothing says Arizona quite like Mexican food or frybread. Give me frybread with beans, cheese and ground beef on it and a large Diet Pepsi or Diet Coke and I’ll be ready to go.


We want to know: who do you think deserves a peach? How about a pit? Send your ideas to the Parker Pioneer, P.O. Box 3365, Parker, AZ 85344. You can also send them to


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