Peaches & Pits

From you:

Pits to Cindi McCain for ‘being proud’ of her state going blue. Her husband may have been a hero when he was a POW, but, in my opinion, he died a self-anointed, egotistical traitor to the Republican Party, and so is she.

From us: 

Peaches to Sunland Asphalt and the Town of Parker Public Works Department for their work on those corners in the Town. They look great, and it’s going to be helpful for people not to have that street asphalt that’s higher than the gutters. They’re doing a number of these each year, and I hope they do as good a job on the others.

Peaches to the Parker Regional Chamber of Commerce & Tourism for their Carpool Cinema Nov. 13 at La Paz County Park. A peach within a peaches to PAACE for the popcorn. The event was a lot of fun. I give it a thumbs up and a ***1/2 rating.

Peaches to the Parker Broncs’ volleyball team. So, they got knocked out in the first round at the state tournament. It was still a great season, even if it was an abbreviated one. Hold your heads high, ladies. As they used to say in Brooklyn, “Wait ‘til next year!”

Peaches to the Safford Bulldogs’ volleyball team. You lost to the Broncs in the state tournament play-in game, but you proved you deserved to be in the post-season. Like the Broncs, you can hold your heads high.

Peaches to the Yuma Catholic Shamrocks’ volleyball team. Yeah, I know how a lot of people in Parker feel about Yuma Catholic. Still, they were worthy opponents for the Broncs this year, and they were the only other 3A West team to make it to the state tournament. Again, wait ‘til next year, when the Broncs chomp on Shamrocks.

Pits to all the people I see who are reacting to the last two Presidential elections like a bunch of four-year-olds. It was the left in 2016, and it’s the right in 2020. Can we all at least try to be grown-ups?


Who do you think deserves a peach? How about a pit? Send your ideas, in 40 words or less, to the Parker Pioneer at or by mail to P.O. Box 3365, Parker, Az. 85344.


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