On behalf of the children, parents and staff of the Colorado River Indian Tribes Head Start Program I would like to thank the following people and organizations that made it possible to host such a joy-filled           Christmas celebration at our Head Start Center on December 19, 2019.

A Christmas celebration for young children would not be complete without a Santa Claus so I would like to thank John Croteau who made it to each of the ten classrooms and handed out gifts to each child.  The staff were also quite impressed with Santa because he really looked like the real thing.  He did an outstanding job and I’m sure left the Center ready for a little down time.  Thank you to Amanda Lucas for her time as Santa’s helper.

Another huge contribution came from the Toys for Tots organization who provided gifts for each of the Head Start children. The children had the biggest smiles when Santa handed them their gifts and took pictures with them.  Thank you to all those who contributed towards the Toys for Tots Christmas gifts. It takes many warm hearts to make something on this scale to be successful.  Thank you to Kendall Harper for all his effort in coordinating this event with the Head Start Program. Everything went very smoothly thanks to his expertise.

The Calvary Church - Parker Campus again this year, shared their generosity with the children of the Head Start Program by providing each child a backpack filled with goodies. The children delighted in their gifts.  Thank you to Pastor Ruben Magdaleno and your elves for organizing the effort with his congregation.

The Head Start Program is continually working to emphasize the importance of early literacy so to assist us in this endeavor we contacted Laura Lopez of CRIT Library, First Things First Literacy Program. She did a remarkable job in a short time and made sure each Head Start child received a book for Christmas.  Thank you Laura.

We thank you all for your outstanding show of support for our Head Start Program.

CRIT Head Start

Poston, Ariz.


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