The Coronavirus

I wouldn’t be surprised if someone creates a song about the coronavirus based on that hit “My Sharona” from one of the one-hit wonder bands from the late 1970s, the Knack. Maybe someone already has, and I just haven’t heard it yet.

I think we should rename this week’s Pioneer as the “Coronavirus/Fair Edition,” as those are the two topics that dominate our pages. I learned more about the coronavirus in a 24-hour period than I learned in the last two months. I was wondering what I would write about this week. Well, the coronavirus took care of that.

To be sure:  the coronavirus isn’t the Black Death. The vast majority of the people who get it recover. However, it’s a lot worse than the flu, even if it’s not as widespread. We don’t know just how widespread the coronavirus will eventually become. We also don’t know what the long-term effects will be.

I’m not going to discuss what to do to prevent the spread of the virus, as there is plenty of information on that elsewhere in this issue. I will say that arming yourself with true information is the first line of defense. When you know what you’re up against, and what to do about it, you’re far less likely to panic and act irrationally (I’m looking at you, all you clowns who have been hoarding toilet paper!).

I’m going to look at some of the other effects of this pandemic. First, consider the economic impact. People are losing time from work. That’s bound to affect the entire economy, including leading to more people seeking public assistance.

Kids aren’t attending school. While it’s easy to see why this is a good move when there’s a contagious virus going around, it’s hard to know what overall effect this will have in the long term. How will they make up what they missed? What about pay for school employees? We’re not talking about just teachers and administrators, but aides, maintenance crews and bus drivers? These are issues that are going to have to be dealt with.

While we’re at it, what about the canceled or postponed sporting events? I’m concerned about the people who work at these events, like vendors, parking attendants and maintenance and cleaning crews. Again, they may have to seek public assistance just to get by.

I have little use for those who claim the coronavirus is a “hoax” created to make President Donald Trump look bad. For one thing, the President needs no help to look bad. He’s perfectly capable of doing that all by himself. For another, virtually every major health authority in the world has said this virus is real, and it can be nasty.

At the same time, I am disgusted with attempts to politicize the virus. If you want to see why people don’t trust or like Washington, check out the responses to the virus from Democrats and Republicans alike. I’ve said Washington isn’t a swamp. It’s a cesspool.

From what I hear, many of the states have been better at handling the virus than the federal government has been. I like how Gov. Doug Ducey has remained calm even while stressing the seriousness of the virus. I also hear Kentucky’s response has been good.

I can’t get over the people who are saying that it’s racist to say the virus started in the city of Wuhan in China. Excuse me, but viruses and other diseases have often been named from where they originated. Consider the Spanish Flu. Was it racist to say it came from Spain?

Maybe we should call this the “We-can’t-say-where-it-came-from-because-people-will-think-it’s-racist-and-white-supremacist-to-say-that virus.”

Just what we need. A virus that’s involved in political correctness.

Stay healthy, okay? And keep laughing. That’s always good medicine.   


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The 'Spanish Flu' didn't originate in Spain. Spanish newspapers reported it before other nations because they didn't want the other side (WW I) to know if it was affecting them. It was. please get your facts straight.

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