Peaches & Pits

Peaches to those responsible for cleaning up the Parker Cemetery.

Pits to spam calls 480-799-6702 and 866-283-6635.

Peaches to Americans who show love by helping the needy during COVID-19.

Peaches to those who wear masks and gloves to protect all during COVID-19.

Peaches to the Colorado River Indian Tribes for trying to keep out recreationers from other states. They have kids with them and all don’t wear masks and/or gloves.

 - Edith S.

Peaches to PHS and the Class of 2020 Graduation Parade.  We thoroughly enjoyed seeing the graduates.  Congrats to all the graduates!! Proud of all of you!!

 - Valerie A.

Peaches to all law enforcement officers who are as appalled by the death of George Floyd as the rest of us. Nothing should make good cops more angry than seeing bad cops.

Pits to calling this virus the coronavirus. That’s the brand name of a Mexican beer. That’s discriminatory against Latinos! They should call the next one of these the budweiservirus, the coorsvirus, or the millervirus.


Pits to calling this a pandemic. That’s discriminatory against pans! Why don’t we call it a potdemic, a kettldemic, or a cauldrondemic? We have to be fair here!

Pits to the Major League Baseball players and owners fighting over money. If you really cared about your fans, you’d recognize that many of them are hurting economically due to the coronavirus pandemic, you’d find some way of setting aside your differences and having some kind of season this year. The fans don’t owe you anything. You owe them everything!


Peaches to cat videos on You Tube. Aside from holding and petting a furry kitty cat, there’s nothing like a cat video to make a person feel better.


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