The Parker Unified School District and the Parker Police Department have confirmed that a school employee is being investigated for allegations of misconduct, possibly involving minors.

PUSD Superintendent Brad Sale said they received the allegations on Oct. 28. The employee, a teacher, was immediately assigned to home indefinitely, and the district is cooperating with the Parker Police in their investigation.

“Right now, we’re waiting to see what the investigation turns up,” he said. “When it comes back, we’ll go from there.”

Police Chief Mike Bailey said the department is investigating a school employee, but added it’s early in the investigation.

“It is still early in the investigation so I can't say a whole lot,” Bailey told the Pioneer is an email Nov. 5.

Bailey said the department is currently seeking warrants. He added this could take some time.

County Attorney Tony Rogers confirmed there is an investigation underway, but declined to comment any further.

“It is such a sensitive kind of case that it is best to leave it at that unless the investigation yields something,” Rogers said.

Over Nov. 4 and 5, the Pioneer was told by multiple sources that a school employee was under investigation. Social media posts have indicated she is a teacher at Wallace Junior High.


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sam whittemore

what? are we shutting down the grooming operations right before the election? wtf?


this would not have happened if those dumb racist right wingers just let us do our DRAG STORY HOUR at the public library!!!

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