ARF Thrift Store

The Animal Relief Fund volunteers are seen with the banner in front of the ARF Thrift Store north of Parker on Riverside Drive. They included (from left) Robin Schilling, Margaret Jaeger, Joyce Putnam, and Julie Crutchfield.

Just in time for Christmas, the Animal Relief Fund has opened a thrift store to benefit all the animals at the Town of Parker/La Paz County Animal Shelter. They opened for business, Saturday, Dec. 1. They’re located upriver from Parker, near the Lakeside traffic light (State Route 95 and Riverside Drive). They’re next door to Mi Tierra Restaurant.

They currently have clothing items for men and women, toys and tablewear. They also have furniture and larger items, but, due to the small size of the shop, they have these in a storage space located across the street from the shop itself. On opening day, the staff said they would be glad to take customers across the street to show them what’s available.

Robin Schilling, ARF President, said they have many of the items for sale featured on their Facebook page.

Schilling said ARF is trying to raise funds for a new surgical facility. It would be 864 sq. feet, with an additional exercise area outdoors to bring the total to 1,096 sq. feet. In addition to a surgery room, there will also be a clean room for their instruments and a quarantine room for sick animals. They’re also planning to have five kennels which will be both heated and air-conditioned.

The total cost of the facility, without equipment, is estimated at $44,000.

Schilling pointed to some of ARF’s recent accomplishments. These include performing more than 500 low-cost spay and neuter procedures at their facility at the animal shelter in 2016 and ’17. They also had more than 200 adoptions through a partnership with PetSmart.

Donations of items to the thrift store or cash donations will be taken anytime the store is open, Schilling said. They are currently open from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., Tuesday through Friday, and from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturdays. They don’t have a telephone yet, and all transactions must be in cash as they have no means to handle credit or debit cards.


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