Jerry Kinman

Former Parker Pastor Jerry Kinman went missing the evening of July 13 near his home in Millersburg, Mo. He was the Pastor at First Baptist Church in Parker for a number of years.

A former pastor from Parker has gone missing in Missouri. The Rev. Jerry Kinman, 74, has not been seen since he left his home early in the evening of July 13.

Kinman was the Pastor at First Baptist Church in Parker for many years.

According to published reports, Kinman and his wife, Earlene, moved to Millersburg, Mo., about six months ago. They were living near the Little Dixie Lake Conservation Area, and Kinman often walked to the lake from his home to go fishing.

Kinman left his home the evening of July 13 to go fishing. At about 3:50 a.m., he used his cell phone to call his wife and say he had fallen and needed help. He was not able to give his location.

Authorities in Missouri say search efforts have been hampered by rain and high temperatures.

"We are always hopeful, (but we also) realize the current weather conditions are not favorable to this situation," Callaway County Sheriff Clay Chism told the Jefferson City News Tribune.

Residents of the Millersburg area have rallied to join in the search.

Kinman’s daughter and son-in-law, Kay and Jack Woodbury, thanked the community for their efforts and their support.

“I want to thank the entire community that has reached out and especially law enforcement and the Conservation department for all their efforts, but let's keep searching for my dad,” Kay Woodbury told KMIZ-TV.

Jack Woodbury added, “I would like to say thanks to the community and all those involved, as Kay said, and I really want people to know we are not giving up.”

Kinman’s disappearance has set off much activity on social media in the Parker area. There are calls for prayers and expressions of support and sympathy for the family.

A Facebook page has been established dedicated to the search at


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