Chevy is a loving spayed female, fully vaccinated and needs a home

Open-admission shelters face a constant struggle, balancing funding with affording proper care for the many animals surrendered.  Even though shelters around the country may vary, most face some of the same challenges.  It is tragic when more are dropped off than are adopted, returned to owners, or re-homed.  The Town or Parker/La Paz County Animal Shelter, is not a sanctuary.  We take in owner turn in and stray animals from La Paz County, the Town of Parker.  Staff and volunteers work hard to find animals new homes or transfer them to other rescue organizations.  Fortunately, our community has been supportive and many people choose to adopt, rather than purchase a pet from a breeder or store.


The majority of dogs surrendered are mixed breed, or what we consider “mutts”.  My last sweet rescue dog had a pedigree that went back many generations and half of her DNA had an undetermined mix of several dog breeds.  The little girl I now have is an adoptee, and is a delightful full- blooded toy dog, probably used for breeding puppies.  I am so grateful we were matched and she can now get pleasure from a life of enjoying people, rather than producing puppies.  She is now a “Pet Partner in training”.


Every bit of help the shelter gets goes a long way.  For one we can encourage a critic to lend a hand, instead of pointing fingers.  It’s too easy to be critical, whereas, helping saves more lives in the long run.  When we work together, we create change and grow in our collective advocacy.  Our animals cannot speak for themselves, so we must speak out for them.  When we donate a wish list item, volunteer to walk dogs, foster puppies or kittens, share social media posts, or let shelter employees know they are not alone, we can make our local shelter a better place.   It is within our power to create positive improvements for our animals.


Please help support the mission of our local humane society. When we help our animals, I believe the caring is worth the effort. Check out our Facebook page “PAWs of Parker” and share the posted lost or found animals or animals ready for adoption, support our events and adoption specials.  You can also support us by visiting the ARF thrift store on the corner of Riverside drive and Hwy 95.  We are working hard to add air-conditioning for the shelter before the summer hits and volunteers are fundraising to add new kennels and surgical center for the shelter and our community.  You can make a difference.


The Town of Parker/La Paz County shelter is located at 309 7th street.  Open Monday through Friday 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Saturday 10 to 12-noon.  Call 669-8774 for details or to find lost pets.  If you have a missing pet please stop by the shelter and walk the kennels.


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