A traffic stop Friday, Sept. 17 on Interstate 10 resulted in the seizure of over 60 pounds of methamphetamine.

According to the La Paz County Sheriff’s Office, a driver identified as Mario Herminio Aguilera Torres was westbound on I-10 and was pulled over at 2:35 p.m. at mile marker 23 in the Town of Quartzsite. He was traveling from Wellton, Ariz. to Fresno, Calif.

The Quartzsite Police Department and the La Paz County Narcotics Task Force seized just over 61 pounds of methamphetamine, the sheriff’s office said in a post on their Facebook page.

“Working together with our surrounding Law Enforcement Agencies results in great success,” the sheriff’s office’s post said. “Great job to all the agencies involved.”

The case remains under investigation.

This was the latest major drug bust recently in La Paz County. On Aug. 12, for example, a traffic stop on State Route 95 led to the seizure of eight pounds of methamphetamine and 1,300 pills believed to contain the potent opioid, fentanyl.

Most of the drugs that pass through La Paz County are on their way to somewhere else. The county’s proximity to the Mexican border has made it a major drug trafficking artery. Sheriff William Ponce estimated that no more than 10 percent of the drugs passing through the county are interdicted.


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