The Tribal Council is committed to the continued response to this unprecedented pandemic and global crisis. Extensive efforts have been made in attempt to prepare our emergency service providers; however, we fear that the delayed response from our Indian Health Service provider has not given this tribal community an opportunity to aggressively combat the battle yet to come. The Council has diligently contemplated all enacted actions and continues to develop future protocol in an attempt to restrict access to our community from recreational visitors and impose action necessary to keep people in their houses.

Why is this necessary? The Coronavirus is spread from person to person through microscopic respiratory droplets (e.g. droplets produced by breathing, talking, sneezing, coughing) which makes our common and everyday activities and interactions unsafe if done without precaution and continued sanitation. As products and supplies for personal sanitation and protection become more and more scarce, it is recommended from various national sources that we take precautions within our homes and avoid leaving our homes except to gather necessities and those who are employed in critical and essential positions identified by their employers.

It is with the upmost urgency that the Tribal Council mandates a “stay-at-home” order, Resolution No. 54-20, entered on April 1, 2020. We must all do our parts to slow the spread of this rapidly growing disease.

At this time those efforts require adherence to the temporary provisions and restrictions set in place. The Tribal Council commits to continue the work on necessary protocol for business to maintain operations as this crisis continues. All Tribal communities face this plight and we do so with an unyielding will to persevere. Our survival is dependent on our discipline to comply with protocol and precautionary health advice. Our ability to help one another has remained strong and has brought Native American people to this day and age. We will continue helping one another through our compliance to the actions taken by tribal, state and federal leaders and also utilizing the sanitary health advice given by the medical and scientific professionals of this world.


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