Richard Lamb

Richard Lamb, a long-time educator in Parker and Salome, will be inducted in the Arizona Western College Hall of Fame on Nov. 16. In addition to his work at Parker and Salome High Schools, Lamb has also been involved with AWC. He is currently one of the members of the College District Governing Board. In this 2018 photo, he was speaking about his enthusiasm for the college’s strategic plan.

A long-time educator in Parker and La Paz County is being inducted into the Arizona Western College Hall of Fame. Richard Lamb is one of five people being inducted to the AWC Hall of Fame Celebration, which will be held at 10:30 a.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 16 at the North Schoening Conference Center on the Yuma Campus.

The other inductees include Sheriff Leon Wilmot, Mario Jauregui, Bruce Jacobson and Amanda Aguirre.

Lamb currently serves on the Governing Board for the Arizona Western College District. This is the community college district for Yuma and La Paz Counties He is one of two representatives on the five-person board from La Paz County. The other is Kenneth McFarland.

The Hall of Fame is sponsored by the AWC Foundation.

Lamb was born and raised in Moroni, Utah. In high school, he raised show turkeys and belonged to FFA.

He graduated from North Sanpete High School in 1962 and attended Snow College in Ephraim, Utah in 1962 and ’63. He was the first person from his family to go to college.

From 1963 to 1965, he went on a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in the Southern states of Alabama, Georgia and South Carolina. When he returned from his mission in June 1965, he enrolled in business classes at Brigham Young University. He took business education classes with teaching in mind.

He graduated from BYU with a BS degree in August 1968, and received his Master’s degree in 1976.

Lamb became a business teacher at Salome High School in 1968. As he explained it, it was during the Vietnam War and he had drawn a high number in the draft lottery. The Selective Service Board told him to get a job. He went to speak with a professor of his at BYU, and the professor told him of the position at Salome High. He said he was told the professor immediately thought of him when he learned of the position in Salome.

He taught at Salome High from 1968 to 1979, and it was here he was introduced to AWC. In 1979, he moved to Parker and taught business classes at Parker High until 2012. He said he helped the school move into the computer age, and starting the current CTE program. He also taught classes for AWC. He helped develop the concurrent enrollment program between Parker High and AWC.

Following his retirement, Lamb was asked in 2014 if he’d be interested in serving on the AWC board. Board Member Janet Ezhas was moving to Benson, and her term hadn’t expired. No one else applied for the job, and, in October 2014, he was appointed by then-County School Superintendent Janice Shelton.

One of the accomplishments he’s proud of during his time on the board was the development of the college’s strategic plan.

When asked by AWC Vice President Lori Stofft what he was proudest of, Lamb said, “The positive effect I’ve had in the lives of students, parents and community members. I’m recognized and thanked all the time.”

Lamb told Stofft he had no regrets.

“I only wish I could’ve done more,” he said.


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