The number of new coronavirus cases in La Paz County declined last week. As of Sept. 25, there have been 2,961 cases in the county, according to the Arizona Department of Health Services. That’s 61 new cases for the week. That’s a decline from the 103 new cases in the week ending Sept. 18, and is closer to the numbers for the two weeks before that.

This happened in the same week the United States topped 700,000 deaths, and Texas became the second state to reach 4 million total cases.

La Paz County has seen 86 coronavirus-related deaths, according to ADHS. There were no additional deaths for the week ending Sept. 25.

On their Manataba Messenger Facebook page, the Colorado River Indian Tribes reported 26 new cases among Tribal members on Sept. 21, and 16 new cases on Sept. 23. This brings the total number of cases to 992 of Tribal members who have been tested at Indian Health Services. There have been 20 corona-virus related deaths among Tribal members.

This increase in the number of new cases led the Tribal Council to reinstate their ‘Safer at Home” order for the Colorado River Indian Reservation on Sept. 16. It will be in effect through Oct. 31.

On Aug. 9, the CRIT Tribal Council reinstated the face mask mandate for indoor areas on Tribal lands, including businesses such as Walmart and Safeway. Face masks are also required in the Tribal Office complex at Mohave Road and Second Avenue.

Arizona topped 1 million cases the week ending Aug. 28.  By Sept. 25, that number had reached 1.08 million. This means there have been 80,000 new cases in the state in four week weeks, an average of over 2,800 per day. The total number of coronavirus-related deaths has topped 19,800.

The Worldometers website, which tracks cases worldwide, reported the number of active cases in Arizona dropped by over 4,000 to 77,000 as of Sept. 25, while the number of Arizonans who have recovered increased by 19,000 over the previous week to 982,144 Arizonans. The recovery rate for those cases that have reached a conclusion and have been closed is 98 percent.

ADHS reported the number of doses of coronavirus vaccine administered in the state has topped 7.63 million. They said 57.7 percent of the state has been vaccinated. In La Paz County, 18,439 doses had been administered and 46 percent of the county had been vaccinated.

Nationwide, Worldometers was reporting 43.6 million cases as of Sept. 25, or just over 800,000 new cases for the week. That’s fewer than the over 1 million cases the week before. Better than one-in-every-eight Americans has or has had the virus.

The nation passed a grim milestone this past week as the number of coronavirus-deaths topped 700,000. There have been 705,360 deaths as of Sept. 25. At the same time, more than 32.4 million Americans have recovered. The survival rate is 97.9 percent. Worldometers reports there are 9.8 million active cases in the United States.

Among the states, Texas has joined California as one of two states with more than 4 million cases reported. Texas had just over 4 million cases on Sept. 25, while California had 4.6 million. These are also the only two states to have reported more than 60,000 coronavirus-related deaths, with Texas having 64,133 and California having 68,724.

Worldwide, there have been 232 million cases and 4.75 million deaths. 208.7 million people have recovered, for a rate of 98 percent.


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sam whittemore

you lie! they arent slowing!! everyone must get the clot shot! masks forever! snowbirds are bringing covid to la paz! lockdown the critians forever!

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