The Parker Walmart is one of several businesses located on Tribal land in the Parker area. With the Town of Parker and the Colorado River Indian Tribes adopting different rules regarding face masks, local consumers need to be aware which businesses are on Tribal land.

With the Colorado River Indian Tribes and the Town of Parker having different rules regarding face masks during the coronavirus pandemic, the Pioneer thought it might be useful to describe which developments and businesses are on Tribal land or are Tribal enterprises and which are not.

Earp, Calif. and two large developments near Parker, Big River on the California side of the Colorado River and Bluewater Lagoon on the Arizona side, are all on Tribal land.

On State Route 95 as one heads towards Lake Havasu City, all businesses beyond Bronco Avenue, or beyond Jack-in-the-Box and Beall’s Outlet, are on Tribal land. These include Walmart, and the stores and restaurants in the Moovalya Plaza Shopping Center, including Safeway, CVS Pharmacy, Dollar General, McDonald’s, Subway and Taco Bell.

Both Running Man Fuel locations are on Tribal land. These gas station/convenience stores are Tribal enterprises. Bradley Chevrolet and La Paz Regional Hospital are also on Tribal land.

The BlueWater Resort & Casino, which is currently closed, and the Bluewater RV Park are on Tribal land.

On State Route 95, the boundary of the Colorado River Indian Reservation is on the Parker side of the intersection of SR 95 and Riverside Drive. This is commonly called the Lakeside Traffic Light. The businesses on the Parker Strip are not on Tribal land.

Businesses that are within the Town boundaries that are on fee land (this means privately owned, though within the reservation) include Circle K, Food City, the Parker Motor Company, Davis Building Supply (ACE Hardware), the Terrible Herbst stations and Family Dollar.

There are some Tribal offices and enterprises within the town limits of Parker. These include Colorado River Building Materials (Sentry Hardware), the Kofa Inn and Coffee Ern’s.

Some private businesses on fee land now require their customers to wear face masks. If you have any questions regarding whether a business requires face masks, please call that business.


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sam whittemore

what a bunch of scared useless non thinking sheep americans have become. this country is done for. keep listening to the media and government! what a huge sacrifice the founding fathers made for nothing.

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