The nation is dealing with a “surge” in coronavirus cases just as the weather is starting to run colder and cold and flu season are approaching. The number of cases nationwide has surpassed 10 million, and the nation is now averaging approximately 100,000 new cases per day. Two weeks ago, the nation was reporting an average of 70,000 new cases per day.

The New York Times reported Nov. 8 that 29 states are reporting record numbers of new cases. CNN reported the nation had 120,000 new cases on Thursday, Nov. 6.

The man regarded as the President-elect, Joseph Biden, has promised to make the pandemic a priority. However, medical experts say the situation could get much worse before Inauguration Day.

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine noted his state saw 4,961 new cases Nov. 6, with 2,075 hospitalizations, including 571 people in intensive care.

“It (the coronavirus) is everywhere," he told CNN. "We can't hide from it. We can't run from it. We've got to face it.”

La Paz County closed out the week ending Nov. 8 with 646 cases and 17 deaths, according to the La Paz County Health Department. That’s 35 more cases than were reported on Sept. 24. For the Colorado River Indian Tribes, the rate of new cases appears to have slowed. On Nov. 6, 360 cases had been reported by Indian Health Services. On Oct. 24, there had been 354 cases reported. Seven Tribal members have died.

The number of cases in Arizona continues to grow as well, with the Arizona Department of Health Services reporting 259,264 cases as of Nov. 8. On Oct. 24, there were 236,772 cases for a 15-day increase of 22,492. That’s more than 10,000 per week. Between Oct. 18 and Oct. 24, there had been 7,286 new cases. In the week before that, there had been 3,400 new cases.

Statewide, there have been 6,154 deaths.

The surge of new cases nationwide can be seen on the Worldometers website. Worldometers, which tracks cases worldwide, said the number of cases in the United States has topped 10 million at 10,288,480. On Oct. 24, they reported 8.83 million cases. That’s an increase of over 1.4 million cases in 15 days, an average of almost 100,000 per day.

Worldometers reports 243,000 Americans have died.

Despite the surge, Worldometers said there are more cases of people who have recovered (6.48 million) than there are active cases (3.56 million). Of the cases that have been closed, the recovery rate stands at 96 percent.


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