“We are swamped.”

That’s how Robin Schilling, the President of the Animal Relief Fund, and volunteer Rebecca Burgess described the situation at the Town of Parker/La Paz County Animal Shelter, 309 7th Street. They have many dogs and cats ready for adoption. As they explained it, they have too many of them.

“If you’re thinking about adopting, now is the time,” Schilling said.

The problem, they said, began during the coronavirus pandemic. With many people on isolation, they adopted dogs and cats. There was a time when the shelter literally had no animals for adoption.

That changed as many of the virus-related restrictions were lifted. More animals were brought to or returned to the shelter, and now they have more than they can handle. As an example, they said they have more than 50 kittens at the shelter.

The shelter has special fees for adoption through the end of August. Cats are $40, while dogs are $50. They are all neutered and have their vaccinations up to date.

“When you think about it, that’s a deal,” Burgess said. “If you did that yourself, it could run to $400 or $500.”

As for the shelter’s needs, Schilling and Burgess said they can always use pet food. They prefer Friskie’s wet food for cats and Pedigree food for dogs. They also need bleach and paper towels. They can also use cheap, non-clumping and unscented kitty litter.

ARF can also use volunteers. Schilling praised their volunteers, saying the shelter couldn’t operate without them.

“Our volunteers have been great,” she said. “They’ve really stepped up.”

La Paz County currently has an Animal Control Director, Karl Venaas. He was recently hired from the Town of Parker. They are looking for an animal control officer as well.

ARF has been involved with the shelter for many years. Many of their volunteers have staffed the shelter. They have been actively involved in building the cat facility and the surgical unit for spaying and neutering animals.

Schilling praised veterinarian Dr. Rayeann Maya for her work for the shelter.

The Town of Parker/La Paz County Animal Shelter is located 309 7th Street behind Western Park and the Town of Parker Public Works Yard. The phone number is 928-669-8774.


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sam whittemore

Bless those that help the animals.

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