The La Paz County Sheriff’s Office is currently required to pay the equivalent of 75.3 percent of their employees’ salaries to the Public Safety Personnel Retirement System annually. They also have a funding ratio to the PSPRS of 35.31 percent, meaning that’s how much of their present and future obligations they can cover. The PSPRS says a ratio of 75 percent is healthy in terms of meeting all obligations.

In 2017, a report from the Pew Charitable Trusts said the PSPRS had less than half of what they would need to meet present and future obligations.

The following is a selected list of members in the PSPRS, the equivalent of their employees’ salaries they are required to pay in every year, and what their funding ratio is.

La Paz County Sheriff’s Office:    75.3 percent    35.31 percent

Phoenix Police Department:    64.64 percent    42.3 percent

Arizona Department of Public Safety:    97.5 percent    33.3 percent

Parker Police Department:    35 percent    72 percent

Quartzsite Police Department:    18.8 percent    87 percent

Quartzsite Fire Department:    19.9 percent    79.3 percent

Buckskin Fire Department:    48.66 percent    39.3 percent

Lake Havasu City Police Department:    50.45 percent    50.9 percent

Lake Havasu City Fire Department:    48.81 percent    53.3 percent

Mohave County Sheriff’s Department:    54.67 percent    49.2 percent



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