Town of Parker

In a move that Public Works Director Steve Ziegler said should extend the life of the equipment in the Town’s pump house, the Parker Town Council approved bids for installing air conditioning and insulation at the pump house at their Feb. 4 meeting.

Charley’s Kustom Air LLC will install a 7.5 ton air-conditioning unit and duct work for $11,300. EVO Energy Solutions will install insulation for $5,732.43.

“The heat in the summer puts a lot of pressure on our pump house equipment,” Zeigler told the council.

In 2018, the Town spent $30,000 to replace their SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) unit, which monitors the entire system. They also had to replace the chlorinator tank.

In a memo to the council, Ziegler said much of the equipment is aging in addition to being sensitive to the heat. As they considered repairs and replacements for this equipment, Ziegler said the council also needed to consider the environment in which the equipment operated. He said there was a need to keep the temperature at a constant 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

“This will extend the life of all the equipment in the pump house,” he said.

As for funding, Zeigler noted there was $50,000 in the water department’s budget for replacing their generator. Given how critical the equipment in the pump house, they wanted to use some of those funds for the pump house equipment.

The pump house is located next to the main water tanks off Mohave Avenue in Parker.


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It is good that they are going through bidding processes for every project that they have in mind for their facility. This way, they can ensure that they are only getting the providers that are basically value for money without sacrificing quality.

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