The Arizona & California Railroad’s bridge over the Colorado River is on fire as of 11:55 p.m. Saturday evening, Sept. 14. Firefighters and police officers are on the scene. The bridge caught fire sometime around 11 p.m. The fire has burned the southern end of the bridge (the Arizona side) near the entrance to BlueWater Lagoon. The bridge deck and pilings were both burning, and vegetation along the banks of the Colorado River was burning as well. Traffic was being allowed through the area on the nearby highway bridge over the river, but motorists should drive slowly due to smoke and emergency vehicles.


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Does anyone know why the fire is taking so long to put out?


jcwalls, not sure if you're aware of all the brush alone under parts of this bridge and the amount of water under the bridge making it quite difficult for firefighters to get close enough to all of the bridge causing firefighters to have to drive across constant ally to each side to fight the fire. Also the The chemicals that railroad ties are treated with are highly flammable. One common treatment is creosote, an insecticide, sporicide, miticide and fungicide that penetrates deeply into pressure-treated wood for a long time which can cause that wood to burn for a while. It's not a bridge with a road directly under it.


Keep in mind this bridge was built in 1908


The reason the fire kept burning was because those railroad ties are dipped and soaked in tar and Diesel. They will just keep burning even if you spray it with water, it just keeps burning and spreads. The other problem was no access to fire. Who ever started this fire has a diabolical mind and they are running loose in our community.

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