It’s becoming quite colorful on the exterior side of the Parker Public Library that faces onto Agency Road and Pop Harvey Park. Rachel Kaiser, a mural artist from Lake Havasu City, has been working since March on a mural that will reflect the Parker area. She said she has no exact idea as to when it will be done, but she hopes to have it done by sometime in July.

The project began when Library Director Tracy McConnell contacted Kaiser. She had seen Kaiser’s work in Lake Havasu City, and wanted to know if she could make a similar mural for the Parker library.

Funding for the project comes from several sources, including the Industrial Development Authority of La Paz County. McConnell applied for grants, and Kaiser said she made a sizeable “in kind” donation as well.

Kaiser said she wanted to depict the Parker area from the Bill Williams River to the Parker Valley. She said she did a lot of research, took a lot of photos and prepared concept drawings before she actually began to paint.

One can already make out historical structures in Parker, like the Grandview Hotel. One can also see scenes from the Arizona & California Railroad and the landscape and agricultural areas around Parker.

Kaiser said she spends 50 to 60 hours a week on the mural, including driving time from Lake Havasu. She uses Nova Color paints, an acrylic paint used for murals that’s made in Culver City, Calif. She said she prefers to work with acrylics rather than oil paints.

“You couldn’t do something like this with oil paints,” she said.

Kaiser has been a working artist for more than 30 years. She studied at Viterbo University in La Cross, Wis., and at the School for International Training in Bali in Indonesia. She said she studied and trained with many professional artists in Bali.

In addition to Arizona, she has lived in Hawaii, Wisconsin, and Michigan, but mostly in Montana. While in Montana, she had an art gallery and worked in paintings, wood sculpture, welding and tiles.

Through all the artwork she’s produced, Kaiser said she’s always been involved in painting. She added her daughter is studying art in Arizona.

Kaiser said she wanted to paint a mural that will reflect the Parker community and be something everyone will be proud of.

To view the mural and watch Kaiser’s progress, it’s visible from Agency Road and across the street in Pop Harvey Park.



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