CRIT mask reminder

Almost one-quarter of the members of the Colorado River Indian Tribes have had or have the coronavirus. That's 9 percentage points higher than the nation as a whole. This sign at the Moovalya Plaza Shopping Center reminds everyone of the face mask requirements in public areas on Tribal land.

The Colorado River Indian Tribes continue to have a higher level of coronavirus cases than the U.S. population as a whole. On Nov. 11, the Tribes reported 20 more new cases of the virus among Tribal members who were tested at Indian Health Services. This brought the total to 1,073 out of 4,500 members. There have been 20 coronavirus-related deaths among Tribal members.

The percentage of Tribal members who have or have had the virus is 23.8 percent, or just under one-in-four. The percentage of the general population that has tested positive for the virus is 14.3 percent, or about one-in-seven. That’s 47.8 million cases for 333.6 million Americans.

La Paz County as a whole saw 43 new coronavirus cases last week. As of Saturday, Nov. 13, there had been 3,287 coronavirus cases in La Paz County, according to the Arizona Department of Health Services. The county has also seen 102 coronavirus-related deaths.

The increase in the number of new cases among Tribal members led the CRIT Tribal Council to reinstate their “Safer at Home” order for the Colorado River Indian Reservation on Sept. 16. While originally set to expire Oct. 31, the Tribal Council extended it Oct. 25 until the end of the year.

A statement on CRIT’s Manataba Messenger website stated the following:

“All residents on the CRIT reservation are reminded to follow the CRIT Resolution 313-21, Extension of Phase Two Measures to Mitigate the Spread of COVID-19 with “Safer at Home” Orders Effective from November 1, 2021 – December 31, 2021. Along with the Reservation wide face mask guidance Resolution No. 254-21, in order to protect themselves and their households. Everyone is also reminded to continue to limit contact with anyone who is not a member of your immediate household.

The CRIT Reservation Wide Face Mask Guidance mandates the wearing of face coverings by all persons on the Colorado River Indian Reservation, whether or not fully vaccinated, in any indoor location outside of one’s home. Businesses located within the Colorado River Indian Reservation shall continue to ensure staff and customers use face coverings within their establishments.”

Businesses on Tribal land include Walmart, Safeway, CVS Pharmacy, Dollar General, and the other stores in the Moovalya Plaza Shopping Center, and the two Running Man Fuel locations.

Statewide, Arizona has topped 1.2 million cases with 1,211,333 cases as of Nov. 13. There were 24,856 new cases for the week, which is over 7,000 new cases from the number of new cases the week before. The state has seen 21,651 coronavirus-related deaths.

ADHS reports more than 8.5 million doses of coronavirus vaccines have been administered statewide.

The Worldometers website, which tracks cases worldwide, reported the number of active cases in Arizona went from 69,988 on Nov. 3 to 79,306 on Nov. 13, a reflection of the increase in the numbers of new cases. The number of Arizonans who have recovered has topped 1.1 million at 1,110,376. The recovery rate for those cases that have reached a conclusion and have been closed remains steady at 98 percent.

Nationwide, Worldometers was reporting 47.84 million cases as of Nov. 13, or just over 530,000 new cases for the week. Better than one-in-every-six cases worldwide have been in the United States.

A total of 783,042 deaths had been recorded nationwide as of Nov. 13, which is about 8,000 more than the week before. At the same time, just over 37.85 million Americans have recovered. The survival rate is 97.9 percent. Worldometers reports there are 9,211,122 million active cases in the United States on Nov. 13.

California has seen the most number of cases with 4.87 million as of Nov. 13. Texas is second with 4.28 million, Florida is third with 3.71 million, and New York is fourth with 2.7 million.

California and Texas have both has topped 70,000 deaths. California has 73,249 dead while Texas has had 73,113 deaths. Florida has had 60,697. New York is fourth with 57,469.


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sam whittemore

all them numbers must be true! get your vax! enjoy your ADE!!!!

Michael Roth

What’s ADE, Whiteman?

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