The candidates for La Paz County offices in 2020 have been announced. In some cases, there are more than one candidate from the same party and no candidates from the other party, which means the primary election Aug. 4 will decide who is elected to that office. In other cases, there are just one candidate from both parties, which means those races will be decided by the general election Tuesday, Nov. 3.

La Paz County Sheriff

The most crowded field is for County Sheriff, with five candidates seeking the office. The incumbent, Republican Bill Risen, was elected in 2016. He defeated the sheriff at the time, John Drum, in the Republican primary. He then defeated Frank Vidrine, who was running as a Democrat, in the general election.

There are two other Republicans seeking the post. William Ponce is currently Quartzsite’s Police Chief. He was formerly Police Chief for the Colorado River Indian Tribes, and he was also a Quartzsite Police Officer.

The other Republican is Vidrine, who said he changed his party affiliation to more correctly reflect his political views. He’s a former La Paz County Sheriff’s Deputy.

The only Democrat running is Felipe “Phillip” Rodriguez. There’s also an Independent candidate, Michael Roth. Roth is known as a vocal critic of law enforcement in the county.

La Paz County Board of Supervisors

In the races for the three seats on the County Board of Supervisors, real estate agent David Plunkett, a Republican, is the sole candidate for the seat from District 1. The incumbent, D.L. Wilson, decided not to seek re-election.

In District 2, the incumbent, Republican Duce Minor, is being challenged by another Republican, former County Community Development Director Jeff McCormick. The race in District 3 also sees two Republicans, incumbent Holly Irwin and challenger Gary “Zak” Zakrajsek. These two candidates opposed each other in 2016.

There are no Democrats running for County Supervisor.

Other County Offices

Two cnadidates will be facing off in the race for County Attorney. They include the incumbent, Democrat Tony Rogers, and his former Chief Deputy, Republican Karen Hobbs.

Current County School Superintendent Jacque Price has announced she will not be seeking another term. Two Republicans will be squaring off for the post. They are Dru Waggoner and former Parker High Superintendent LeRoy Shontz.

Two Republicans will be facing each other for the office of County Assessor:  incumbent Anna Camacho and challenger Dennise Jones.

With long-time County Recorder Shelly Baker retiring earlier this year, Richard Garcia was named Recorder. A Republican, he’s seeking a term of his own. Challenging him will be a Democrat, Mesena “Missi” Tunnell-Gilbert.

Incumbent County Treasurer Leah Castro, a Republican, is running unopposed for re-election.


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sam whittemore

so why do so many people want to be sheriff? i wonder what the inticement is. seems a little odd in a podunk place like la paz county. is it really as simple as a cush govt gig and retirement? or is something else afoot?




Maybe more people really care about this county then you know


Sheriff Risen must be doing a good job, very little problems since he took over from Drum. Frank's been around forever but knows La Paz well and will score better this time around running republican. Rodriquez might take some votes but probably not know well enough across the county but nice guy. Will Ponce has way too many hidden problems, including women and internal investigations, but always gets out of it or it is covered up. And then there is Roth. He hates cops and law and order but he can clean up this corrupt county, if he is isn't convicted before the election. Vote Roth!


How do you know the amount of problems over the last 4 years? You only see what goes on from the outside. Frank is well known in the county, he was in law enforcement here for decades. Rodriguez has also been in law enforcement in La Paz for many years. First with Parker Pd, La Paz County and Quartzsite Pd. Ponce also has been in Law Enforcement for many years here in La Paz. He's done a great job as an officer then a Sgt with Quartzsite Pd as well as with tribal Pd as Chief and now as Chief of Quartzsite Pd. Everyone has hidden problems, stop spreading rumors that you have no knowledge about when it comes to others. We all have skeletons in our closets, even those already in office.


People of La Paz County need to wake up and smell the coffee. Changes need to happen. We have a urgent need for new Board of Supervisors all the way around. They've done enough damage to this county just by keeping the County Administrator We need a real county Administrator since the one we have won't get rid of the finance director that can't seem to stop making major mistakes on hard working employee's payroll. How many times does a finance director get to mess up deductions on employee payroll? If you can't do the job then step down. We all know your roommate won't get rid of you. Get rid of our Board members and let's take our county down a far better path. Get people in office who care about this county and it's employees and know how to do the job right!

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