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CRIT Head Start in Parker will be closed from Monday March 16 to Friday March 27 because of the Coronavirus. As additional information and discussions are held, a decision will be made after the 27th whether or not CRIT Head Start will reopen.

The Tribal Council apologizes for any inconvenience but the decision was made to preserve the health and safety of the children served by Head Start as well as the community as a whole.

This decision comes shortly after the Tribal Council declared a State of Emergency on Friday March 13th in response to this health crisis.

Parents with concerns or questions should call (928) 662-4311.

Look for updates on the CRIT website and CRIT Facebook pages.

In addition to the closure of CRIT Head Start the following measures have been implemented.

The steps taken by the Tribes are as follows:

1. A Tribal employee travel ban is in effect. A directive was issued on March 11th to all tribal employees that any travel that is not an essential government function is banned until the coronavirus is contained; however, critical services to our membership will not be impacted.

2. Tribal Departments and Enterprises are mandated to disinfect all surfaces multiple times a day. Hand sanitizer shall be available in all departments and enterprises for use by employees and the public. Departments and enterprises must post the CDC hand washing guide in a location clearly visible to all who pass.

3. Tribal Council is directing all employees to wash your hands according to CDC guidelines and to wash them frequently.

4. Tribal Council or its designees will continue to be in daily contact with all local health care providers and services to determine continued efforts needed to contain the Coronavirus.

5. The Tribal Council will continue to monitor closely all high risk environments and implement measures to prevent an outbreak. 


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