An event that is always a major attraction at the La Paz County Fair won’t be happening this year. The Miss La Paz County and Miss La Paz County’s Outstanding Teen Scholarship Pageants won’t be held this year because the state Miss Arizona competition in 2020 was postponed due to the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. The current title holders will retain their titles until the Miss Arizona Pageant is held in June.

The fair is scheduled for March 11-13 at the Fairgrounds in Parker South.

The pageant is normally held on the Friday evening of the fair. The first official duty of the new title holders is to pose for photos with the grand and reserve champions of the Youth Livestock Auction, which is held the Saturday afternoon following the pageant.

Courtney Kom, the head of the Miss La Paz County organization, said no local competitions are being held in Arizona this year until after the state Miss Arizona Pageant, which is scheduled for June 16-19 at the Mesa Arts Center.

“Due to COVID-19, the state level competition was postponed.” Kom said in an e-mail to the Pioneer. “Therefore, our titleholders who won last year will have an extended year up until that competition happens! It is not just a La Paz County thing. No locals are happening across the state for this very reason. Once the Miss Arizona competition happens in June, local competitions will then resume.”

Kom said La Paz County will be sending seven local titleholders to the state competition. She believes this is a record for the county. In addition to Miss La Paz County Maycee Johnson and Miss La Paz County’s Outstanding Teen Megan Watkins, titleholders include Miss Parker Princess Grissum, Miss Parker’s Outstanding Teen Mariah Villafana, Miss Cactus Blossom Lillian Perez, Miss Cactus Blossom’s Outstanding Teen Elizabeth Hobson and Miss Desert Sunset’s Outstanding Teen Tania Caballero.

“Each of our title holders also work on a social impact category to better our community,” Kom said. “Some of those include Suicide Awareness, Fitness and Wellness, Mental Health Awareness, Autism Awareness, Multicultural Education, Substance Abuse Prevention and Support and Animal care and adoption awareness. If any community member has an event that falls into those categories, we would love to connect the title holders to that as well.” 

The 2020 Miss Arizona Pageant was postponed to this year after the national Miss America Organization voted May 8, 2020 to postpone the national pageant, which is traditionally held in September. They advised all affiliated state organizations to do the same.

The 2020 state pageant was postponed to this year after the national Miss America Organization voted May 8, 2020 to postpone the national pageant, which is traditionally held in September. They advised all state organizations to do the same.

In a prepared statement, Shantel Krebs, the chair of the Miss American Organization Board, said, “At this time, as an organization, our greatest concern is to make sure the thousands of people who are involved in or volunteer for our program are safe. This coming year will be our 100th anniversary for this iconic American institution, and we want to make sure that we take the time to ensure our annual broadcast and the surrounding experiences reflect our time-honored tradition.”

The Miss La Paz County and Miss Arizona Organizations are affiliated with the National Miss America Organization, the largest provider of scholarships for young women and girls in the United States.


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sam whittemore

crying shame. we raised and have a nation of brain dead, govt dependent sheep. well, makes it easier for the owners of the control to control us. enjoys the boxcars and camps fools. if its not kung flu, we will roll over to some other song and dance.

sam whittemore

my bad. typo. owners of the country to control us, it should say.

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