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The Parker Town Council had to take care of a matter related to the Town’s finances at their Nov. 16 meeting. They approved giving check-signing authority to Town Clerk/Interim Town Manager Amy Putnam.

Putnam said it had caused some problems and delays in processing some items because she did not have check signing authority on the Town’s account with Chase Bank. She said she also couldn’t discuss the account with Chase until she had that authority. The primary contact person with the bank is Town Manager Lori Wedemeyer, and she’s been placed on indefinite paid administrative leave.

Those who have check signing authority include the Town Manager, the Mayor, the Vice Mayor, and a designated Council Member. Putnam said it wasn’t always easy to get one of these people to Town Hall when checks needed to be signed or matters came up with the bank account.

Some Council Members at the Nov. 16 meeting jokingly said they hoped this meant all the town employees got paid.

Putnam assured them that everyone was paid.

Wedemeyer was placed on paid administrative leave Oct. 21 due to an investigation of alleged embezzlement at Town Hall. Warrants were served on Oct. 19 to search Town Hall and her home. Wedemeyer’s attorney has since questioned investigators if there was enough probable cause to search her home.

A Town of Parker employee was terminated Friday, Sept. 24, amid unspecified allegations of embezzlement. The Arizona Auditor General’s Office interviewed the employee the previous day, Sept. 23. In a press release from the Town, it was stated the employee was terminated based on that interview and direct communication between Town administration and the employee.

The investigation is being handled by the Arizona Auditor General’s Office and the Yuma County Sheriff’s Office.


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