The sights, sounds and thrills of off-road racing returned to Parker Jan. 8 for the running of the Shock Therapy Parker 250 presented by Jimco. Organized and promoted by Best in the Desert Racing Association, the Parker 250 is their traditional first race of the year. Motorcycles, quads and Utility Terrain Vehicles filled the desert to the east and south of Parker as they raced along the course.

There were actually two races on Jan. 8. The first race, which set out early in the morning, was for motorcycles and quads. The second race, which was held in the afternoon, was for UTVs. Local racers placed well for both motorcycles and quads.

All three of the top motorcycles were in the MC Open Pro class.

The top motorcycle was No. N6, a Honda driven by Justin Morgan of El Cajon, Calif. He also placed first in the MC Open Pro class, and his time on the course was 3:55:46.88.

A local team came in second for motorcycles. Jeremy Newton of Lake Havasu City and Jeff Trulove of Hesperia, Calif. rode No. N2, a KTM in the MC Open Pro class. Their time on the course was 3:57:54.457

Coming in third for the motorcycles was No. N45, a Beta. It was driven by Joseph Wasson of Scottsdale, Ariz. His time was 4:06:01.643.

The first quad came in 22nd overall. It was No. 423, a Honda driven by Zachary Hayward and Ismeal Hernandez of Lemon Grove, Calif. Their time on the course was 5:21:10.657. They were in the Quad Expert class.

A local racer also placed second for the quads. Kyle Standage of Lake Havasu City placed 27th overall with No. 614, a Yamaha in the Quad Ironman Expert class. His time on the course was 5:38:17.276.

Coming in third for the quads was No. 641, a Suzuki that was driven by Kyle Ferry of Patterson, Calif. He was in the Quad Ironman Expert Class, and his time was 5:47:17.152.

Other local racers who finished the motorcycle/quad race included Jorge Trevino and Eddy Panucco, Jr. of Parker. They rode No. 396, a KTM, in the MC Open Amateur Class. They placed 24th overall and second in their class with a time of 5:27:55.041.

In the UTV race, first place went to T944, a Can-Am in the UTV Turbo Pro Class. It was driven by Phil Blurton of Auburn, Calif. and Beau Judge of Rocklin, Calif. Their time was 4:05:37.559.

The race for second among the UTVs was razor close, as only five seconds separated them.

Coming in second for the UTVs was another UTV Turbo Pro vehicle:  No. T950, also a Can-Am. It was driven by Vito Ranulo of Stockton, Calif. and Mike Whitaker of Lodi, Calif. Their time on the course was 4:13:52.734.

Placing third for the UTVs was 2997, a Polaris RZR that also took first place in the UTV Turbo Unlimited Class. Mike Deley of Manifee, Calif. and Chris Navarro of Whittier, Calif, brought it in with a time of 4:13:57.180.

The top local UTV was No. 2915, a Polaris RZR in the UTV Turbo Unlimited Class. The team consisted of Jim Beaver and Bryant Shontz of Parker, Brittney Cardone of Cedar City, Utah, and Trent Beaver of Prescott, Ariz. They placed sixth overall and second in the UTV Turbo Unlimited Class. Their time was 4:25:11.013.

Another local team that finished the race was that of Justin and Amy Blalock of Lake Havasu City and Matt Block of Holly, Colo. They drove No. 2917, which was also a Polaris RZR in the UTV Turbo Unlimited Class. They placed 24th overall and fourth in their class. Their time was 4:46:33.586.

Placing 61st overall and sixth in the UTV Sports class were Frank Pietrantonio and Javier Hernandez of Lake Havasu City. They drove No. R983, a Can-Am. Their time was 5:52.31.299.

In addition to the race, there were many other events surrounding the Parker 250. The Downtown Experience, a street fair, was held Friday in central Parker, along with contingency and technical inspection.

The time trials were held Thursday and youth UTV races were held Friday at the La Paz County Fairgrounds in Parker South. This marked the first time these events had been held there.

The next off-road event scheduled for Parker is the Parker 425, or, to give it its full name, the Maxxis Tires Parker 425 Presented by Jimco, “The Legend Lives On.” This event always features some of the biggest names in off-road racing, and it also featured the very fast Trick Trucks. Events start on Jan. 20 with the Downtown Experience. There will be two days of racing, with the slower classes going out on Jan. 21 and the faster classes on Jan. 22.



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