Three La Paz County law enforcement officers have recently completed a police leadership program sponsored by the FBI. They have completed the “Trilogy,” a series of three courses out on by a non-profit called LEEDA, the Law Enforcement Executive Development Association.

The three officers are Quartzsite Police Chief Will Ponce and Lt. David Gray and Parker Police Lt. Mike Bailey.

LEEDA consists of current and former law enforcement executives, including chiefs of police. They provide this training to share their knowledge and expertise with current officers. The FBI sponsors this training nationwide.

The Trilogy is the highest level of course that LEEDA offers.

Ponce described the Trilogy as a three-part program. The first course is Introduction to Leadership. The second is Command Leadership for supervisors, and the third is Executive Leadership, which is how to run a police department.

“There was a lot of work and it was very detailed,” said Ponce, who began the Trilogy in 2017 and completed it in 2019. “The speakers included lawyers and chiefs of police. We learned the ‘dos and don’ts’ of law enforcement leadership.”

Ponce recommended the training for Gray and Bailey. He said Bailey was fortunate in that he was able to take all his classes in Arizona. Ponce had to go out-of-state for one of his classes.

Bailey finished his Trilogy training on Oct. 25 in Chandler. He also took courses in Lake Havasu City and Sedona.

“This was very beneficial,” Bailey said. “It opens your eyes to the different styles of leadership. It showed you better ways of doing things.”

One of the best parts of his training, Bailey said, was meeting police officers from all across the nation.

Ponce described the training as “very instrumental.”

“All police leaders should take this course,” he said. “It makes you think about how you will do things in the future.”

“I really enjoyed the classes,” Bailey said. “I took a lot away from them.”


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[beam] Congratulations Chief Ponce LT Gray and LT Bailey. Proud to have all of you in our County.

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