Mike Bailey

Michael Bailey

Parker Police Chief

The Parker Town Council approved two items related to weapons for the Parker Police Department at their May 18 council meeting. They approved the sale of some older weapons owned by the department and using those funds to purchase new patrol rifles.

Police Chief Mike Bailey said the old guns will be sold Holdway Customs, which has the proper licenses to purchase and sell the guns. The Parker Police will receive $6,600 for the guns.

The guns being sold include eight Smith & Wesson M4 rifles, two H & K MP5 rifles, and ten shotguns. Aside from the Smith & Wesson rifles, Bailey said these weapons had not been used for some time, or had never been used at all.

Bailey said the department wanted to purchase eight Sionics Patrol Three Short Barrel Rifles with the funds from selling the old weapons. He said this is a much better rifle for their patrol needs. It’s less susceptible to heat, each officer can customize it to suit his or her needs, and it’s designed to be fired from either hand.

The short barrel has distinct advantages for patrol use, Bailey said.

“It has easier mobility when deploying in close quarters without sacrificing accuracy that you would give up by switching to a handgun,” Bailey said.

The total cost of the eight rifles is $8,186.35. The $6,600 from the old weapons sale will cover most of this cost. The remaining $1,536.35 will come from the City Police Fund for Officer Safety Equipment.

In earlier council meetings, Bailey had stated the need for patrol rifles for the police department. He said this was in response to a nationwide trend of criminals becoming more heavily armed. To counter this, he said officers needed something more than the handguns and shotguns that were issued to them.


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You need new guns for what?

sam whittemore

public gettin hosed again. at best you guys will be perfectly suited with some PSA 16 inch free floated type AR carbines. you dont even need the compass in the stock. they are 600 each. you are getting rid of good hardware that was a waste to start with. whats wrong with the Smitty m4s you already have?

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