On April 1, the Colorado River Indian Tribes Tribal Council issued a stay-at-home order for tribal members and other residents of the reservation to try to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. The order, which was approved as a Council resolution, goes further than orders issued so far at the county, town or state level.


The order closes access to the Colorado River for recreational purposed within the boundaries of the reservation. Such activities include fishing, boating and swimming. Fishing, hunting and camping permits have been temporarily suspended.


While access from the reservation has been closed, that does not mean the river itself has been closed.


La Paz County District 2 Supervisor Duce Minor stated the Colorado River has not been closed in the Parker area, only access to and from it from the reservation. He said other boat ramps in the county at Cienega Springs, Patria Flats and La Paz County Park are still open.


Minor added everyone needs to follow the guidelines set by the Centers of Disease Control regarding the coronavirus. These include sanitizing and social distancing. He added it was important for people coming here to do these things to prevent the spread of the virus.


“The river’s open,” Minor said. “We're not encouraging people to come here, but you can come here if you want. However, everyone must follow the Governor’s orders and the guidelines from the CDC. You also need to practice social distancing.”


Parker Town Manager Lori Wedemeyer said the Tribes’ resolution did not apply within the Town of Parker as the Town is set aside as a separate entity. She said the Governor’s orders do apply within the town limits, and everyone should follow the CDC’s guidelines.


Minor and Wedemeyer said they both were surprised by the Tribes’ resolution. Minor said he’s received calls from concerned business people and others.


The Tribes’ order will remain in effect until April 30.


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