Teen Solutions

Some of the members of Teen Solutions are seen one of the benches at Parker High School. The group wants to make a difference through service to the community. Their main focus in encouraging young people to stay away from tobacco.

They’re young people who want to make a difference through service to their community. They’re Teen Solutions, and they have approximately 40 members, 15 at Parker High School and 25 at the junior high level.

Miranda Rogers is the adult coordinator for Teen Solutions. She said they started as a high school club in 1999. They are part of the statewide Students Taking a New Direction coalition, or STAND. They currently work with the La Paz County Health Education and Prevention Program.

Rogers said one of the things they do is work with the Tobacco Free Arizona to keep tobacco out of the hands of teens. Tobacco Free Arizona is a program of the Arizona Department of Health Services.

Teen Solutions pushed for a ban on smoking in the town parks, and they are also attempting to raise the age for buying tobacco products to 21.

“A lot of coalitions around the state have been pushing for this,” Roger said.

The members have also been pushing to have vaping included in smoke-free ordinance.

Teen Solutions has also engaged in service projects for the community. They have conducted clean-ups in the cemetery, along roadsides, and along the river. They also participate in community events.

In addition, they also provide help to their peers, including help in dealing with bullying and other problems that today’s teens face.

“It depends on what’s important to the kids,” Rogers said.

It isn’t all work, of course. They have fun activities as well. Along with Youth 4 Youth, they co-sponsored the haunted house at the old pool house during the Trunk or Treat event Oct. 31.

Membership in Teen Solutions is open to all youth ages 12 to 17 years old. For more information, go to the Teen Solutions Facebook page, or contact Rogers at 928-669-1062 or e-mail at mrogers@co.la-paz.az.us.


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