Kaylee Crayton

Parker-based drag racing Kaylee Crayton is seen with her car and some of the trophies she won in 2018. Many opportunities have opened up for her partly due to her success on the track.

A local young woman is making a name for herself on the drag-strip circuit, and her father says it’s because she’s taken advantage of the opportunities presented to her.

Kaylee Crayton is the owner and driver of the Nebula 86 “Dream Big” car. Driving in the import classes, she’s won several races and was her class champion in 2018. She’s been featured on racing television programs. Her father, Danny Crayton, said she’s made the most of the opportunities presented to her, including meeting with some of the top people in drag racing.

One of these was Ali Afshar, an 18-time NHRA Champion. Afshar is also a move-maker. One of his films was the semi-biographical “American Wrestler:  The Wizard.” It was the story of how Ashfar wrestled in high school, and how it helped him and his immigrant family adjust to American culture.

Kaylee is a student at Arizona Western College, and she wrote a paper on Afshar’s car for one of her classes. She met Afshar through her research work, and he took a liking to her. It was Afshar who arranged for Kaylee to be featured on the show “Import Face Off” on MAV TV, a racing-oriented channel on Direct TV. The show airs on March 5 and March 10.

Danny Crayton said many opportunities are opening up for Kaylee. He said he couldn’t disclose the details just yet, but added they could involve professional driving opportunities.

“We made our opportunities,” he said. “You have to go out there and take advantage of and make your own opportunities. You can go out there and do anything you want to do.”

Danny thanked the people of Parker for their support, and said it’s wonderful they level of support that they have. He also thanked MNR Racing for their support.

Kaylee’s next race will be Sunday, March 8, in Chandler, Ariz. She’ll be driving Danny’s car, “The Junkyard Dog,” as her car is undergoing repairs.

To find out more about Kaylee Crayton and her racing, go to www.kayleecrayton.com.


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