The Parker Town Council approved some additional street work April 6. This median on Eagle Avenue will be removed. The new owner of the property on one side of the street wanted to make the site more accessible to vehicles hauling boat trailers.

There will be more street work in Parker starting this week, in addition to the work the Arizona Department of Transportation is doing on Riverside Drive. The Parker Town Council approved some additional street work at their April 6 meeting. They had approved the Arrowhead-Bronco street project at their March 16 meeting, but delayed action on drainage improvements. On April 6, they approved the full project, including dry wells and catch basins for drainage.

They also approved two other projects:  the removal of the median on Eagle Avenue between Ninth Street and Riverside Drive and rebuilding 19th and 20th Streets between Joshua Avenue and California Avenue and Joshua Avenue between 19th and 20th Streets.

All the projects were scheduled to start Monday, April 12. They will be performed by Sunland Asphalt under their state contract. It’s estimated the project will take three to four weeks to complete.

Public Works Director Steve Ziegler told the council that, after discussions with Town Manager Lori Wedemeyer, the decision was made to complete the entire project rather than do it in phases. The current streets will be torn up, the base raised for drainage, and the streets rebuilt on the new base. A total of 19 water retention bases and five dry wells will be built.

The total cost of the project was increased from $383,000 to $460,000. The money will come from the Town’s Streets Capital Project Budget. Ziegler said $770,000 was in the budget for fiscal year 2020-21. After completing work on 30 corners, installing new LED lights on Agency Road, and crack sealing, Ziegler said they had $696,000 left for this and other projects. They will have roughly $230,000 left after the Arrowhead-Bronco project is complete.

Sunland will also be performing two other projects. Zeigler said lots in the old Alewine Property had been sold, and the new owner wanted better access to the property for vehicles hauling boat trailers.

The median will be removed and new base and asphalt will be laid on the site, Ziegler said. He added the town will remove inactive water the power lines to the median. The water lines have already been capped off.

Removing the median will take place at the same time as the Arrowhead-Bronco project and is budgeted at $9,396, plus tax.

Ziegler said the pavement on 19th and 20th Street and Joshua Avenue in the area where they meet has deteriorated to the point where it is beyond repair and needs to be replaced. He described them as being “at the end of their service life.”

Sunland will pulverize the existing asphalt, grade the streets, and lay down a 2.5-inch layer of new asphalt. The total cost is $105,435 plus tax.

As with the other two projects, this one was scheduled to start April 12 and expected to take three to four weeks to complete. 


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