Salome Frogs

We have started a new semester, here at Salome High School, which brings forth new opportunities and moves us closer to the end of the year.

In light of the new milestone, we asked some students for their perspectives. “I’m excited to see how it goes,” said Jon Beckett.

Elly Huhtala added, “I feel like it’s going well, my favorite part is my good grades.”

Even the teachers are in the spirit of the second semester. Mrs. Downes, who is on her last year here at Salome High School, said, “I feel like it’s going by really fast, and it’s great that all the seniors are prepared for this year to end.”

Ms. Salazar stated, “It’s good to start again, and the students seem more mature.”

According to the people we’ve talked to it seems like the new semester is going great.

The start of the new semester brings a new member to the Salome High School staff. Mr. Neal, the new band teacher, has taken on the task of continuing the band program. During an interview, Mr. Neal said he enjoys teaching at a smaller school. When asked what he sees for the future of the band program, he said, “I would like the students to learn and be able to appreciate the music.” 

In other news, the Lady Frogs basketball team is undefeated with an 11-0 record! The upcoming home games are on February 3, v. MALC and February 4, v. Bagdad. When asked how he plans to finish the season, Coach McCarty said, “We just need to practice like we wanna win…learn from each game, from film, from practice and just keep striving to get better every single day.”

Shifting over to the young men, Salome Fighting Frogs boys’ basketball team has a record of four wins and eight losses. The boys have only two more home games, one on February 3, vs. MALC and February 4, vs. Bagdad. The boy’s season has been a tough one. Seniors Joel Gonzalez, Pedro Velazquez, and Octavio Martinez all feel the season is a bittersweet experience. They have mixed emotions but are proud to play the sport one last time with the team they have helped develop.


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