The drive to get people vaccinated against the coronavirus COVID-19 continued last week with a vaccination clinic at Blake Primary School. The La Paz County Health Department is moving down the list or priorities set by the Arizona Department of Health Services. This clinic was for people aged 65 and over.

The clinic came the same week ADHS and Gov. Doug Ducey announced that over 1 million Arizonans had received at least one does of the vaccine. ADHS said more Arizonans have now had at least one shot than there have been total cases in the state.

The ADHS data dashboard said almost 1.1 million Arizonans had received shots as of Feb. 12. A total of 850,000 had received one shot, while about 242,000 had received both shots. There had been 794,000 cases in Arizona as of Feb. 12, and 14,800 deaths.

“Thank you to everyone who helped the state reach one million vaccine doses administered!” the ADHS said in a statement released Feb. 10. “Getting a million doses out in less than two months is a testament to the partnerships that have come together in our fight against #COVID19.”

The figures for La Paz County showed 2,344 cases and 67 deaths as of Feb. 12. A total of 3,581 resident of the county have received shots, of which 3,239 have received one shot.

The vaccination clinic Feb. 10 saw the county health department assisted by many volunteers, including the Arizona National Guard and the staff from La Paz Regional Hospital.

Greg Bachmann, the County’s Emergency Preparedness Coordinator, say he was happy to see so many volunteers helping out, especially the National Guard.

“It’s great having the National Guard here,” he said.

Participants who received the vaccine said they were impressed with how well-organized the event was, and added it went quickly and smoothly.

The Pioneer asked several people why they wanted to get the vaccine. For the most part, they said they wanted to keep themselves or others around them from catching the virus, and they also wanted to do their part to help keep the virus from spreading.

“I don’t want to get COVID,” Mary Ann Munda said. “I believe the vaccine will work.”

Munda added she thought the event was very well organized.

“This is a preventive method with the virus,” Brita Thompson said.

“I have COPD,” Marty Mills said. She added, “I want to help with this pandemic.”

Justin Carmona was too young to receive the vaccine at this clinic, but he brought his father. He said that, given his father’s health problems, he wanted to make sure he didn’t catch the virus.

The La Paz County Health Department reported they are still receiving small numbers of doses of the vaccine, and they are moving down the priority list set by ADHS.

“We are continuing to receive small allocations of the vaccine,” they said on their Facebook page. “Currently all of our available vaccines have been booked through the second week of March. Please refer to our website and Facebook for any changes and updates. Thank you and we will let you all know the next clinic date as soon as possible.”

The county health department announced Feb. 10 that the second doses for those who received their first dose Feb. 3 at the Centennial Community Center will be available March 3 at the center. The appointment time for those who want their second shots will be the same time as your appointment was on Feb. 3.


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