The Parker Town Council voted Sept. 20 to replace the existing landscaping at Town Hall with desert landscaping. This is in response to the ongoing drought and the need to cut back on water use. This rendering shows what the new landscaping will look like.

The landscaping around Parker Town Hall may soon look very different. At their Sept. 20 meeting, the Parker Town Council approved a bid from Angel’s Creative Landscaping to replace the current grass and planter boxes with desert landscaping.

The total cost is $23,230. The area to be covered includes the pump house, the police station, Town Hall, and the council chambers. Public Works Director Steve Ziegler said this would be a first step in the town reducing its water use in response to cutbacks in water allocations due to the long-standing drought in the region.

Zeigler had first described the project earlier this year during the Town’s budget process.

At the Sept. 20 meeting, Ziegler reminded the Council the State of Arizona is under a Level 1 water shortage from the Bureau of Reclamation due to the low water levels in Lake Mead. Reclamation has announced the state will be under a Level 2A shortage starting on Jan. 1, 2023. This means Arizona will see a 21 percent reduction in its water apportionment. This has led to calls for water conservation across the Colorado River basin.

According to published reports, Lake Mead is currently at 25 percent of its capacity.

In a memo to the council, Ziegler said, “In an effort to show that we are being good stewards of the use of water in the Town of Parker and that we want to continue to have enough water for the residents to live, the businesses to thrive, and the visitors to enjoy the beautiful Colorado River, it is imperative that we begin to change over landscapes at our Town buildings as a first step to conserving water.”

The project involves removing the grass, the planter boxes, the pink rock and the two trees. The irrigation system will be reused and changed over to a drip system. Drought resistant plants and trees will be planted, along with large rocks and crushed granite as ground cover.

Ziegler told the Council this project was just a first step in reducing the Town’s water usage. Later projects could include replacing the landscaping at the Parker Public Library and replacing the grass at the Little League ballfield, Aaron Hill Field, with an artificial playing surface.

Council Member Marion Shontz asked Ziegler if he could put together a plan for water use reduction. He replied he could put together a plan, and he would present it to the Council.



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i guess you have to do something with the money you are no longer embezzling

sam whittemore

when did they stop the steal?


Never stopped anything. Just re-classifying their stealing

sam whittemore

i knew it!!

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