The La Paz County Health Department is reporting there have been 568 cases of the coronavirus in the county as of Oct. 12, including 11 reported on Oct. 10. An additional fatality was reported as well, bringing the total number of deaths in the county to 16. The Health Department said this individual was over age 65 and had underlying health conditions.

After some weeks of reporting no new cases, the Colorado River Indian Tribes reported six more cases as of Oct. 12 to bring the total number of Tribal cases to 322.

The Tribes have continued their policy of mandating face masks in public areas on Tribal lands. The Tribal Council has extended their “Safer at Home” resolution to Oct. 31.

Statewide, the Arizona Department of Health Services reported the number of coronavirus cases was 226,050 as of Oct. 12, and there had been 5,759 deaths. On Oct. 5, there had been 221,000 cases and 5,707 deaths.

The Worldometers website reports there are 183,181 active cases in the state, and 37,110 have recovered. The recovery rate on those cases that have been closed is 86.5 percent.

Nationwide, the total number of cases has topped 8 million, with almost 220,000 deaths. There are 2.64 million active cases and 5.14 million who have recovered. The recovery rate is 96 percent, which is comparable to the world average.

There are news reports that there has been a recent surge of coronavirus cases in the United States. Some experts fear a “second wave” of cases as winter approaches, along with a rough cold and flu season.


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