Gov. Doug Ducey

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey delivered his State of the State address Feb. 13 in Lake Havasu City.

Gov. Doug Ducey says Arizona will have no red flag laws as long as he’s in charge.

Ducey, in front of a crowd of Lake Havasu City business and community leaders the morning of Thursday, Feb. 13, said he was proud of Arizona’s record as the most “pro-Second Amendment state in the nation,” and he said he intends to keep it that way despite calls to introduce so-called red flag laws, which are gun control laws that allow police to seek the temporary removal of firearms from people who may present a danger to others.

A number of media reports in 2019 reported that Ducey intended to push a red flag law, as other states had done, in his school safety plan. However, Ducey said Thursday that he was against the idea.

“There’s misinformation out there. I want people to know that there is no red flag law in Arizona,” Ducey said. “As long as I am governor, there will be no red flag law in the state of Arizona. … All law-abiding Arizonans are going to have access to Second Amendment rights in our state.”

While the push for red flag laws has been increased in the wake of mass shootings, Ducey says Arizona can focus on school safety and retain its status as a gun-friendly state.

“That’s a classification I am proud of, and I intend to keep,” he said.

No taxes

Proposals for tax increases also won’t get the welcome mat while he’s in office, Ducey said during his address.

“We’re not going on a spending spree down at the state Capitol,” he said. “I think it’s important that everybody knows that we are not going to raise taxes — not this session, not next session, not at the ballot box and not in the Legislature. Taxes will not be raised on my watch.”

Making Arizona “home base” for veterans nationwide is also a priority for Ducey, and the state budget will get us there “by eliminating all state income taxes on veterans’ military pensions once and for all.”

Schools are also getting a boost without any tax increases, he said.

“Today, we pump $4.5 billion in new investments in Arizona schools,” he said. “With our latest budget, that number will rise to $6.6 billion, and we’ve done all of this without raising taxes.”

Despite calls to bring in more money through tax increases, Ducey said he’s staying strong.

“There’s a relentless drumbeat from the spending lobby to raise taxes, and I keep pointing out what our financial condition is, and how healthy we are and the surplus dollars that we can invest,” he said. “So I want you to know that we’ll continue to do that, but we don’t need to raise taxes. What we’ve done is improve the life of the taxpayer.”

Ducey also addressed:

- Taking action against sanctuary cities

- Infrastructure improvements

- Prison reform

- Importance of mental health care

- Mohave County’s representation at the polls

- Helping Arizona become a leader in “water innovation”

- Elimination of more than 2,200 “unnecessary regulations”


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