There are now almost four times as many cases of the coronavirus in Arizona than there were just five weeks ago. On May 26, there were 18,783 cases in the state and 807 deaths. La Paz County had 51 cases. As of June 29, there have been 74,533 cases in the state with 1,588 deaths. La Paz County’s cases have climbed to 330, an increase of over 600 percent.

The state and the county have seen a dramatic increase in the number of coronavirus cases since Gov. Doug Ducey’s “stay-at-home” order was lifted May 15. The Memorial Day weekend was shortly after that.

Ducey issued an executive order June 17 that called for greater enforcement of “social distancing” rules and guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control to try to halt the spread of the virus. He also allowed for local jurisdictions to decide if they wanted to mandate people wear face masks in public places. In La Paz County, the Colorado River Indian Tribes have mandated masks in public places on Tribal lands. The Town of Parker has not mandated masks, but they strongly urge people to wear them.

La Paz County has a higher rate for the coronavirus than the state and national averages. The county just completed a week where there were more than 50 new positive cases. This brought the county-wide total to 330. With a population estimated at 22,000, La Paz County has a rate of 1,475 cases per 100,000 residents. That compares to the Arizona average of 1,024 and the national average of 801.6.

Maricopa County, which includes most of metro Phoenix, has seen 45,178 cases as of June 29. However, with a population of 4.5 million, their rate is just under 1,004 per 100,000 residents.

While the 330 cases in La Paz County have come from all over the county, the majority of them, 229 as of June 28, were from the Colorado River Indian Tribes.

The week also saw another coronavirus death in the county, bringing the county’s total to five. According to the La Paz County Health Department, this individual was married to one of the staff at the Health Department. The individual was over 65, had no underlying conditions, was hospitalized outside the county, and lived in Parker.

La Paz County did not see its first coronavirus case until March 25. La Paz was one of the last counties in the state to see its first case.

As of June 29, there had been 2.65 million coronavirus cases in the United States, more than one-quarter of the total cases in the world. There have been 129,000 deaths, but 1.1 million have recovered. Worldwide, the total number of cases topped 10 million last week, with the total number of deaths passing 500,000. However, 5.6 million have recovered.


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