Law enforcement officers were seen removing items Oct. 20 from Parker Town Hall and from Town Manager Lori Wedemeyer’s home upriver from Parker. They included deputies from the Yuma and La Paz County Sheriff’s Offices.

The Pioneer learned these officers were executing search warrants in regards to the investigation of allegations of embezzlement by a town employee.

“We did assist Yuma County and the Arizona Inspector General’s Office with the execution of search warrants this morning,” La Paz County Chief Deputy David Gray said in an e-mail to the Pioneer. “We are not the investigating agency and have no details regarding their on-going investigation.”

The Pioneer contacted Town Clerk Amy Putnam, but she declined to make any comments at this time.

Attempts by the Pioneer to contact Wedemeyer were not successful.

Parker Mayor Karen Bonds and Council Member Randy Hartless both said  as of Oct. 21, they had no information on this matter.

"You know about as much as I do," Hartless said in a reply to an email from the Pioneer. Hartless has been a frequent critic of Wedemeyer.

A Town of Parker employee was terminated Friday, Sept. 24, amid unspecified allegations of embezzlement. The Arizona Auditor General’s Office interviewed the employee the previous day, Sept. 23. In a press release from the Town, it was stated the employee was terminated based on that interview and direct communication between Town administration and the employee.

Jennifer Alcaida has been mentioned in social media posts as the town employee under suspicion.

Police Chief Mike Bailey said the matter was being investigated by the Yuma County Sheriff’s Office. He said the case is complicated, and, because of the individuals involved, the decision was made that an agency from outside La Paz County should handle the investigation.


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sam whittemore

the chief said the case is complicated? no its not. room temp IQs ,at best, are whats involved. thats why the Krap that continually occurs here, occurs. the smarter corrupt ones are in higher offices nowhere near this backwater.


The Bureau of Indian affairs, office of justice services, district 3 and the FBI need to do the same thing at CRIT. They need to do a forensic Audit on the CRIT finances. There is no Transparency of our finances by the CRIT Tribal Council. The only way the embezzling, theft , fraud and misappropriation of Government funds is going to stop is Tribal council people need to start being held accountable for there crimes and be sent away to Federal prison. The Mohaves say they don't share there secrets with the outside world according to there customs and traditions. There are 3 other tribes here other than the Mohaves. Mohave customs and traditions don't apply to them because they aren't Mohave. The Navajo culture and tradition says let the whole world see it. Government tax payers money is suppose to be public information.


The case is not complicated at all! Parker and La Paz County shenanigans is an age old story. All of Arizona know how corrupt La Paz county has been over the years. When Bill Clinton was asked about the Lewinsky scandal some time after, why he did it, his response was, "because I can." Why does Parker and La Paz County continue the corrupt practices, because "they can." Just remember Sam "the beetle" Vederman, Dan "the rattlesnake" Field and his grandmother Kathy "the jackal" Field!

sam whittemore

when decent people decide to get physical, then this will stop. until then, the country, state and county we have, is what we deserve. we arent voting our way out of this. corrupt worthless hack politicians come from our society, which is morally, ethically, financially and spiritually broke.

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