Several milestones on the coronavirus pandemic were reached last week. The total number of cases in the United States topped 60 million, while the number of cases worldwide topped 300 million. Approximately one-in-every-five cases around the world have been in the United States, and close to one-in-every five Americans has or has had the virus.

The Arizona Department of Health Services is reporting more than 10 million doses of vaccines have been administered in the state. At the same time, there was a huge increase in the number of cases at the state level, too, at over 95,000.

La Paz County also saw a big increase in cases, with 167 being reported for the week ending Jan. 8. That brought the total number of cases to 3,819, according to ADHS. There have been 111 coronavirus-related deaths.

As of Jan. 8, the Colorado River Indian Tribes said 1,206 Tribal members had tested positive at Indian Health Services. With 4,500 total members, that’s better than one-in-four. There have been 20 coronavirus-related deaths among Tribal members. Like many native peoples in this country, CRIT has seen a higher rate of their members testing positive than the general U.S. population.

The Tribes have extended their “Safer at Home” resolution through Jan. 31.

Due to this resolution, the Best in the Desert off-road races could not be held on Tribal land. This meant no starts in downtown Parker and the main pit area near Avi Suquilla Airport could not be used. The races were held outside Parker on land held by the Bureau of Land Management.

Concerns continue over the new Omicron variant of the virus, which was discovered in South Africa in November. While highly contagious, it appears not to make people as sick at the earlier variants did, like the Delta variant.

In Arizona, the ADHS said there were 95,975 new coronavirus cases for the week between Dec. 31 and Jan. 8. The state’s total was 1,477,483 on Jan. 8. The number of coronavirus-related deaths was at 24,773.

The Worldometers website reported Arizona had 148,587 active cases on Jan. 8, or more than 50,000 more than the week before. The number of Arizonans who have recovered reached 1,288,342. The recovery rate for those cases that have reached a conclusion and have been closed is 98.1 percent.

Nationwide, Worldometers was reporting 60,954,028 cases as of Jan. 8, or 5.6 million new cases for the week. The previous week, there had been 2.3 million.

As a nation, 859,046 coronavirus-related deaths have been recorded as of Jan. 8. At the same time, over 42.2 million Americans have recovered. The survival rate is 98 percent. Worldometers reports there are over 17.8 million active cases in the United States on Jan. 8.

California leads the nation with the most number of cases with 5,873,857 as of Jan. 8. Texas has become the second state in the nation to top 5 million with 5,011,316. In third place, Florida saw more than 500,000 new cases last week as their total climbed to 4,680,111, and New York also saw a huge increase of more than 500,000 and topped 4 million at 4,181,246.

California has 77,274 dead while Texas has had 76,843 deaths. Florida has had 62,628. New York is fourth after having topped 60,000 with 60,907.

According to Worldometers, cases worldwide reached 306,705,753 as of Jan. 8. There have been 5,504,463 deaths, and 259.2 million have recovered. The worldwide recovery rate is 98 percent.


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sam whittemore

this must all be true. how could it not be?

Michael Roth

In other news the seasonal flu has disappeared


More people need to get vaccinated. You have less of a chance of being hospitalized or dying if you get vaccinated. Millions of us had no choice back in the 1960's in order to go to School and we survived.

Michael Roth

Sorry wingnut but the majority of the people who are dying are double jabbed. Turn off your teevee

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