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The Parker Town Council approved new water and solid waste collection rates at their Sept. 3 meeting. This was after they went through the state-mandated process for increasing these rates. The process included a public hearing for comments, which was held during the Sept. 3 Council meeting.

The water rate increases were part of what was recommended in a 2016 Water Rate Study by the firm of Hinton Burdick. They proposed small rate increases each year in order to keep up with inflation and assure adequate funds for operations, maintenance and a capital reserve.

The base charge for fiscal year 2019-20 will be increased from $9.98 per month to $10.25, a 3 percent increase. The commodity charge will increase from $2.36 to $2.43 a month for water amounts up to 25,000 gallons. For a family that uses 9,203 gallons per month, the cost would be $32.61 per month.

Republic Services provides solid waste collection services for the Town under a seven-year contract signed in 2014. This contract provided for small annual increases to cover the cost of inflation.

Public Works Director Steve Ziegler said the Town is currently in the sixth year of the seven-year contract. The monthly fee will be increased from $13.09 to $13.35 for the basic service package. This is an increase of 26 cents or 2 percent.

The full fee schedules for water and sold waste collection are available at Parker Town Hall, 1314 11th Street.


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