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On Tuesday, March 24, the first confirmed case of coronavirus was found in Mohave County. It was an unidentified individual from Lake Havasu City. Jenna McDaniel, spokesperson for the La Paz County Health Department, said this would have no effect on La Paz County, as there are, as of March 25, no confirmed cases in the county. She added, however, the Health Department strongly recommends county residents follow the guidelines set down by the state and the Centers for Disease Control for preventing the spread of the virus.

“We keep pushing the same message,” she said. “We tell people to take the right precautions.”

Gov. Doug Ducey issued an executive order March 21 for all counties with confirmed cases of the coronavirus. These included that restaurants may be open for drive-thru or take-out only, and that bars, gyms and theaters must close. The economic impact of this was mitigated by an order that said alcoholic beverages could be sold for take-out if they were also sold with food.

The Governor’s order does not apply to La Paz County as there have been no confirmed cases here, McDaniel said. She said it’s up to the community to make the decisions to follow the guidelines for preventing the spread of the virus.

The community has done just that, McDaniel said. Many restaurants have closed their dining rooms and have gone to take-out or drive-thru only. Other restaurants have limited the seating in their dining rooms or have limited the number of people who can be inside at a given time. Community events, activities, and social events have been cancelled or postponed.

The Parker Community/Senior Center and the Bonnie Baker Senior Center in Big River have cancelled all gatherings and activities, but they still have meals available for pick-up. The Parker center is continuing to operate their home-delivered meals program, as is the MoChemHoNa Senior Center operated by the Colorado River Indian Tribes.

The BlueWater Resort & Casino has closed until at least April 4, and all special events have been cancelled through April 30. The BlueWater’s theaters, bars and restaurants are all closed.

McDaniel said the La Paz County Health Department will continue to keep the public informed on the latest developments with the coronavirus.

Mohave County was one of six in the state that had not reported any cases of the coronavirus. With the case in Lake Havasu City, all the counties surrounding La Paz in Arizona and California have reported at least one case.


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