Veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces and their families could find information on the services they may need at the La Paz Veterans Stand Down on Saturday, May 15 at Western Park in Parker.

The event was sponsored by the Jerry Ambrose Veterans Council of Mohave County, Inc. and the Regional Center for Border Health, Inc.

There were many agencies and organizations on hand with services for veterans. Attendees could visit the many tables set up and get information on matters ranging from medical benefits to suicide prevention to organizations that accept donations for veterans’ causes.

There was also live music and a free barbecue from Rebel BBQ for the participants. Tierra Caliente provided breakfast.

Among the agencies present were the following:

Be Connected. They try to connect veterans with the specific agencies that can meet their needs. Kristi Cook, a spokesperson for the group, said one of their main focus areas is suicide prevention. They can be reached at 1-866-429-8387. Their website is

Community Bridges, Inc. Peer Support & Outreach Supervisor Darin Jahries, who was at the Vets’ Stand Down, said they have a homeless veterans outreach program. They specialize in integrated behavioral health care. Their phone number is 602-326-5331. Their website is

Veterans Thrift Non-Profit. This group, based in Lake Havasu City, operates a thrift store at 2130 Price Drive. They assist veterans in need, including lending out medical equipment. Assistant Manager Candy Baker said they operate the thrift store to support their services. She said they are looking for donations and volunteers. Their phone number is 928-680-4357.

VetLink Solutions. Managing Partner Harry Louis Rodriguez said they work with veterans and the Veterans Administration to get veterans all the benefits they are entitled to and have earned, especially medical benefits. Their phone number is 623-562-3358, ext. 104. The website is

Community Medical Services. Spokesperson Joe Debaca said their focus is helping people with opioid addictions. They are currently operating in Mohave County, but Debaca said they are extending their outreach to La Paz County as well. They are located at 329 Lake Havasu Avenue in Lake Havasu City. Their phone number is 928-764-7266. Their website is

Other agencies who participated included the Regional Center for Border Health, Inc.; the Society of St. Vincent DePaul, Arizona@Work, and the Colorado River Indian Tribes’ Tribal Employment Rights Office.

Franklin McCabe served as Master of Ceremonies for the event. He thanked everyone who came, and all the organizations that participated. He said it was great to see so many people come together to help veterans.


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