The number of new coronavirus COVID-19 cases in Arizona continued to decline last week. This came in the same week the United States recorded its 500,000th coronavirus-related death.

As of Feb. 20, the Arizona Department of Health Services said there were 807,967 cases in the state, as compared with 795,323 on Feb. 13. That’s an increase of 12,644. There were 16,228 new cases in the week that ended Feb. 13. That’s down from the 56,000 new cases in the week that ended Jan. 24.

The state had seen 15,505 deaths as of Feb. 20.

In La Paz County, a total of 2,379 cases had been reported as of Feb. 20. This is 32 more cases than were reported as of Feb. 13. There were 50 new cases reported in each of the two weeks prior to Feb. 13. In a press release, the La Paz County Health Department said they hope the low numbers continue.

A total of 69 county residents have died of coronavirus-related conditions.

Of the cases in La Paz County, 831 have been members of the Colorado River Indian Tribes who were tested at Indian Health Services. The Tribal authorities are reminding residents of the reservation of the Tribes’ “stay at home” order that limits public gatherings, mandates face masks in public places, and restricts “non-essential” travel outside the home.

“The CRIT Reservation Wide Face Mask Requirement still remains in effect, requiring all individuals, businesses and patrons on CRIT reservation to wear a face mask when in public,” read a statement on the “Manataba Messenger” Facebook page. “Face masks are MANDATORY for all CRIT Employees and any persons conducting business within the CRIT Tribal Office Complex.”

The ADHS said 1.46 million doses of the vaccine have been administered statewide as of Feb. 20. A total 1.06 million Arizonans have received one dose, while 392,417 had received both doses.

La Paz County has had 4,250 doses administered, with 3,814 receiving one shot and 439 having received both shots. The county health department is working its way down the priority list set by ADHS, and the vast majority of county residents to be vaccinated as of Feb. 20 were over the age of 65. They were almost evenly split between men (1,574) and women (1,577).

The county health department advises everyone to watch their website and Facebook page for the latest vaccination clinics and when they will be moving to the next priority. They have announced that the second doses for those who received their first dose Feb. 3 at the Centennial Community Center will be available March 3 at the center. The appointment time for those who want their second shots will be the same time as their appointment was on Feb. 3.

Nationwide, the Worldometers website, which tracks cases worldwide, reported 28.7 million cases in the United States as of Feb. 20, better than one-quarter the number of cases in the world. There were 28.2 million cases as of Feb. 13, for an increase of 500,000. There were 700,000 new cases the week before.

The United States had also seen 510,672 deaths as of Feb. 20. The nation has topped half-a-million deaths, more than American military casualties in World War II. There were 496,063 deaths as of Feb. 13. That’s an increase of more than 14,000 for the week.

California leads the nation with 3.5 million cases and 49,000 deaths. Texas has seen 3.5 million cases and 42,000 deaths.

Nationwide, 19 million people have recovered while 9.3 million cases are active. The survival rate for cases that are closed is 97 percent.

Worldwide, the number of cases has topped 110 million, with 111.8 million cases. There have been 2.47 million deaths and 87.1 million have recovered. The survival rate is 97 percent.


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